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When you think of high-speed racing cars locked in intense competition around winding, spectacular tracks, you’re probably thinking of Formula One. Leap into pole position with 888sport – where we have all the latest F1 betting odds.

Are you keen to place a wager on the winner of the World Championship? Perhaps you think you have an inkling on who’ll be the top team? Or maybe you simply want to find a way to get even more enjoyment out of the fast-paced, globe-trotting action?

Whatever your preference, we have live F1 racing bets, odds on the F1 championship and more. Sign up today and race straight for the chequered flag with us.


Formula 1 Betting Markets

The exhilarating motorsport of Formula One has been a source of thrilling entertainment for more than 70 years.

Over that time legends have been born – from Stirling Moss to Lewis Hamilton – while dramatic, edge-of-the-seat contests have kept fans glued to their screens until the finish line.

Ever since the sport first took off in the 1950s, F1 betting odds have been set and wagered on.

Betting types were certainly more limited back then. Now there are a huge variety of options for the punts you can make and the outcomes you can try to predict. It might sound complicated, but we make things clear and simple – while offering a variety of markets that you can place your bets on.


Types of F1 Bet


F1 Championship Odds

One of the most popular types of online Formula 1 betting is the Driver’s Championship, which involves browsing the array of racing competitors – and picking who you think will be awarded the trophy at season’s end.

Will it be a leading household name who claims victory in the standings? Or a plucky outsider who’s gradually edging their way onto the podiums? Choose correctly, and you could be spraying the champagne too!


Other F1 Betting Odds

You can also wager on the various classic and up-and-coming races tearing up the tracks at locations around the world, giving you plenty of possibilities to place some F1 bets.

Even though it might not always seem so at first glance, it’s worth bearing in mind that Formula One is considered to be a team sport too. Each constructor is represented by two different drivers – sliding behind the wheels of their respective cars – so you may also choose to bet on the actual vehicles being driven in the race.

At 888sport, we cater for this type of betting too.


How F1 Betting Odds Work Online

If you’re something of a newcomer to the starting line, be sure to check out our F1 articles, tips and previews over at the 888ssport blog.

  • F1 odds work in a similar way to other sports such as horse racing when it comes to picking a race winner. There are shorter odds for favourites and longer odds for outsiders. Meanwhile, placing a bet on the Driver’s Championship is a lot like picking a team to win the Premier League in football.
  • Online betting is available via desktop – or via mobile device if you download the 888sport app– so you can take a punt on the world of Formula 1 whenever and wherever you like.
  • You can, of course, place your bet for an upcoming F1 race ahead of time. But remember – anything can happen on the track.

Live F1 Odds & Bets with 888sport

It’s the very excitement of this anything-can-happen sport which is leading so many people to make live Formula 1 bets.

If you wait until the action is underway, and see where the racers are placed a number of laps in, you may be more likely to make a correct guess as to who will be the first to cross that finish line. Plus, it can be even more exciting placing your bets live.

Just bear in mind the odds may change too!


At 888sport, we also take care of our new and existing customers, so be sure to keep an eye out for our special promotions (T&Cs apply).

Sign up, try your hand at Formula 1 betting with 888sport, and find even more Motor Sport Betting Markets with us today.




What is a live bet in Formula One?

A live bet is where you place a wager on the outcome of a race while the event is in progress. You can place multiple live bets in the middle of a race if you wish, or simply wait until you feel you have all the information you need for your chosen wager. As the cars go around each lap, your chances of being correct may increase – but the odds may change as well.


How do you bet on F1 odds online?

Betting online takes place in a similar way to if you were actually down at the bookies or on the racecourse. The difference is that you can use your laptop or mobile device for added convenience – without having to physically be there.

Simply choose the race you’re interested in betting on and click on the card to find the most up to date F1 championship odds. Then make your selection.


How do F1 drivers score points?

Individual F1 drivers and teams both win points depending on the places they finish in the race. The driver who finishes in first place is typically awarded 25 points, while those in second place are usually given 18 points. The points then reduce from 15 points to one for the drivers placing between third and tenth place.


How are F1 betting odds calculated?

The betting odds you see will indicate the chance of a particular driver or F1 team winning, and how much you could potentially win if you are correct. These odds usually reflect the likelihood of the given outcome – and are calculated based on previous form, detailed statistics, and other factors. For example, an in-form champion will usually have shorter odds than an unproven novice.


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