• Adam Peaty is a swimmer for Team GB who won gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics

  • Peaty has a net worth of around £2 million

  • Read below for everything you need to know about Adam Peaty ahead of his bid for Olympic gold at Tokyo 2020

Swimming is one of those sports that grows in sports betting relevance as the Olympics rolls round.

It’s very much a niche interest between Games. That changes in an Olympic year, where swimmers like Adam Peaty ascend to international stardom.

Who is Adam Peaty?

Peaty became a Team GB hero with his gold in the 100-metre breaststroke at the 2016 Olympics.

As betting tips today transition to an Olympic focus in the summer of 2021, Peaty will once again be at the forefront of Team GB’s medal hopes in the pool.

From Adam Peaty net worth to his world record and medal haul, read below for all you need to know about the star of the pool.

Adam Peaty Net Worth

Adam Peaty’s net worth is thought to be around £2 million.

Websites vary in their estimations of Peaty’s net worth, however, and this could obviously change quickly with more Olympic glory in Tokyo this summer.

Following his triumph in Brazil, some reports claimed Peaty was going to pocket several million from endorsement deals.

On the back of that success, he signed an extended deal with apparel company Arena, which runs through the Tokyo Olympics.

Sports Pro Media ranked Peaty in their 50 most marketable athletes back in 2018. He could climb that list further with more hardware in Japan.

Adam Peaty Girlfriend

Eiri Munro is Adam Peaty’s girlfriend. Munro and the Olympic champion welcomed their first child in September 2020.

Munro is several years younger than Peaty. The couple met when Peaty was training at Loughborough University and Munro was a student.

Upon the announcement of their son, they were met with hundreds of congratulatory messages on Instagram, including from fellow British Olympic champion Rebecca Adlington.

When the pregnancy was announced, however, Peaty was disappointed at how the story was covered without asking for comment.

There were also suggestions the pregnancy was a mistake, which Peaty was understandably unhappy with.

He said, “That just wasn’t the case. It’s one of the most beautiful things that could have happened to us. I’m 25 years old and I’m more than capable of making my own decisions and knowing my own mind. We were happy.”

Fatherhood changes people, and Peaty has spoken honestly about the impact on his life.

“Once you have that potential, once you know you’re going to be a father, it changes everything. I think to me everything I do now will be something that my son or child or children will look up for, look up to me as a role model."

"Even though I’ve been aware that thousands of kids out there may be looking at me, it doesn’t really hit home as strong until it’s your own and you’re the role model for them.”

Adam Peaty Wife

Adam Peaty is not married. The Team GB star is in a long-term relationship with Eiri Munro, who he met at Loughborough University while he was training.

They have been living together since early 2020, which has obviously been a unique experience for many.

Speaking to Swimming World, Peaty acknowledged some of the challenges of living together so intensely, but was generally positive about the circumstances.

He said, “You can date people once or twice a week for two years and not really know who they are because you both put up your barriers a bit but being in a house together non-stop for seven weeks, you haven’t got time for yourself really.

"You haven’t got those places to hide. It’s great really and it’s shown us that we are a very good team.”

Adam Peaty World Record

Adam Peaty is a world record-breaking phenomenon. He has set 13 world records in the pool, including setting and breaking his own record within a week in Budapest in November 2020.

He holds 50 and 100-metre world records for breaststroke and continues to make the number tumble as he betters himself over and over.

Peaty set the world record twice over 50 metres during the 2017 Worlds on his way to a gold medal as he became the first athlete ever to break the 26-second mark.

Frequently delivering on the biggest stage, he also put up two 100-metre world record times at the Rio Olympics.

Adam Peaty Medals

Adam Peaty’s medal haul is unprecedented. He’s the most decorated British male swimmer in World Championships history, and his gold at Rio made him the first British male champion in the pool since the Games in 1988.

The jewel in Peaty’s crown is the 100-metre breaststroke gold from the 2016 Olympics. He also picked up a silver in the 4x100 medley, however, and set the best split time in Team GB history.

His World Championship domination started with three golds in Kazan in 2015.

He defended the 50 and 100-metre breaststroke two years later in Budapest, but had to settle for a silver in the medley. He threepeated the individual honours in Gwangju in 2019.

His European Championships record is extraordinary. Across four games, he has accumulated 16 gold medals.

Peaty has been frankly unbeatable against his European rivals, picking up golds in the 50 and 100 metre breaststroke, 4x100 medley and 4x100 mixed medley at every event.

Adam Peaty Instagram

Adam Peaty is active on Instagram. He’s at nearly half a million followers on the social media platform. His posts are a mix of promotional material, images from competition and the odd snap with his son.

Once again competing in one of the most viewed sports events, Peaty’s Instagram following is likely to soar through 2021. He’s one of the faces of Team GB and an icon in the pool.

You can follow Adam Peaty Instagram posts here: @adam_peaty.

*Credit for the main photo belongs to Martin Meissner / AP Photo*

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