Ella Toone is a forward for Manchester United and England, who scored the first goal of the Lionesses win over Germany in the Euro 2022 final.

Toone has starred for club and country in online football betting, having previously represented Manchester City and Blackburn Rovers.

Born in Wigan, Toone grew up a Manchester United fan, looking up to Cristiano Ronaldo and playing for Astley & Tyldesley FC during her childhood.

Compared to Thomas Muller for her ability to switch between playmaker and goal scorer, Toone provides her managers with immense flexibility with her knack for influencing matches from different positions.

While still in the early stages of her senior career, Toone has already excelled on some of the biggest betting stages.

Not only an England international, she is also an Olympian, and has won several pieces of silverware during her stints with both Manchester clubs. Let’s learn a bit more about the Tyldesley native… 

Net Worth & Salary

Ella Toone net worth is estimated to be somewhere between £1 million and £3 million.


Exact figures for Toone’s net worth are hard to come by, which is partly due to the lack of availability of salaries in women’s football outside of the highest paid players. 

Of course, Toone’s earnings are not likely to be especially gaudy by the standards of sporting stars, yet she has still played for two of the world’s biggest club in Manchester City and Manchester United, and will surely have received a healthy wage. 

Toone notched over 150,000 new Instagram followers after her goal in the Euros final. Endorsement opportunities flooded in for England’s stars, with Toone promoting Nike on her Instagram account.

She has also worked with JD Sports, Tesco, McDonald’s, and penned a deal with WOW HYDRATE in 2021. All of these partnerships will have bolstered Toone’s net worth.

James Marshall, who manages Toone’s PR, said, “You have to be strategic because you don’t want to be taking everything, but new stuff is coming in all the time — a lot more than I probably expected, if I’m honest.

“When I began working with Ella 18 months ago, the dream was to be in the JD Christmas campaign.

“It’s happened so quickly for her. These are just things that wouldn’t have happened were it not for scoring at the Euros…

“Ella is one of the most popular girls, just through her personality and how people love her so much.

“She resonates with men and women very well, and I think a lot of the brands can see that. We’ve just launched her YouTube channel and the first episode did fantastic numbers.”

Ella Toone Partner

It was revealed in 2022 that Ella Toone is in a relationship with footballer Joe Bunney. Bunney currently plays for Macclesfield, and has had something of a journeyman career to date. 

Speaking about her partner in an interview, Toone said, “Whenever I go to Joe’s games, the amount of lads who come over to me is mad and that is what really makes me smile. 

“I stand there a lot of the time with my hood up, trying to watch, but they’ll say, ‘Are you Ella Toone of United? Can I have a picture?’

“Obviously, the boost for young girls who want to play football over the last year has been brilliant and we will always keep fighting for them. Joe’s pathway was not easy. It’s hard to have a professional career as a man because there are so many boys who want to play.

“But I definitely think young women will have to fight harder and so for young lads to recognise that women can play is amazing. It was funny.

“There were so many people who were hanging around outside at 11pm the other night. I said, ‘Come on. You’ve got school in the morning. Then one girl said, ‘It’s only French!’ I said, ‘Ok, leave it then’ and we had a photo.”

Toone added that she is always keen to seek out Bunney’s advice on her performances.

“I always speak to my dad and then Joe. ‘How can I be better? What did I not do well?’ I know they will always be honest with me. When Dad or Joe say I have played well, I know I have.

“I am very critical of myself and sometimes I need to realise that I haven’t played as badly as I thought. I’ve seen the career he [Bunney] has had and his advice is definitely worth listening to. I will always be improving, that’s just my mentality. He makes me see things in a different way.”

Alessia Russo Friendship

Ella Toone and Alessia Russo are both childhood Manchester United fans.

Teammates at club level and members of the victorious Lionesses, the pair are incredibly close friends and have often done media appearances together.

In a joint-interview with GQ, Toone spoke about her relationship with Russo, “It's nice to have someone there who's been through it all and understands it. Not many best friends can say that they’ve won the Euros together.

“In football, people move on, but you have friends in football that you have for life. They're very special because they understand the journey and they know what it takes to get to the top.

“To have Less by my side since we were young girls has been really nice and hopefully we can keep making lots more memories – and keep winning trophies.”

World Cup 2023

Ella Toone has been included in the England squad for the 2023 World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Appearing in her first World Cup, Toone has had to cope with uncertainty leading up to the tournament. Dates for pre-tournament training camps were not confirmed until a few weeks before the first match.

Toone spoke on the issue, “It’s not been ideal, but for us it’s what we can control and that was making sure we had rest and recovery, making sure we were physically and mentally getting ourselves back to where we know we need to be.

“Now I’m back on it, working hard and can’t wait to go into camp.”

The Manchester United forward also discussed the injury issues hitting the women’s game at the top level. 

“We’ve seen quite a few injuries in the WSL this season.

“We have to make sure we get that rest and recovery right, as teams and as players. The women’s game is growing massively, as a club we are in the Champions League now as well so that’s extra games. 

“It’s definitely something we all need to focus on because injuries are a big part of the game right now.”

Ella Toone Career Statistics

  • Blackburn, 2015-16 – 8 appearances, 5 goals

  • Blackburn, 2016-17 – 25 appearances, 21 goals

  • Manchester City, 2016 – 1 appearance, 0 goals

  • Manchester City, 2017 – 2 appearances, 0 goals

  • Manchester City, 2017-18 – 6 appearances, 0 goals

  • Manchester United, 2018-19 – 29 appearances, 15 goals

  • Manchester United, 2019-20 – 18 appearances, 7 goals

  • Manchester United, 2020-21 – 27 appearances, 10 goals

  • Manchester United, 2021-22 – 29 appearances, 9 goals

  • Manchester United, 2022-23 – 28 appearances, 3 goals

Ella Toone Honours

  • FA WSL Cup – 2016

  • FA Women’s Championship – 2018-19

  • European Championship – 2022

  • Finalissima – 2023

  • Arnold Clark Cup – 2022, 2023

  • WSL Player of the Month – December 2021

  • WSL Top Assist Provider – 2021-22

  • Women’s Championship Player of the Month – February 2019

  • Manchester United Player of the Year – 2021-22

  • Freedom of the City Of London


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