Lionel Messi and his future will be in the news for months. This is just the beginning of many rumors because the Argentine star is out of contract in June 2023 and the situation is absolutely open: there are more attentive and informed clubs about Messi, as normal for a top player of extraordinary level.

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The reality to clarify is that Leo has not decided his future so far: there is still no clear and precise choice for a very clear reason, Messi wants to wait until 2023 since he is now 100% focused on the Champions League, Ligue 1 with Paris Saint-Germain and especially on the World Cup with Argentina, his final World Cup which means a lot to Leo.

That's why he doesn't want distractions or negotiations, he asked for time to focus on the current season but in 2023 - therefore already from January or February - it will be time to think about the future and start negotiations based on the project for 2023, 2024 and final part of his extraordinary career.

For sure, Inter Miami are dreaming of Leo Messi and they made it clear to player side: the MLS club informed Messi of a strong interest and openness to make an official proposal for 2023, there is the intention to offer Leo has the opportunity to try a new experience and make him a real MLS ambassador in the world.

Messi and his team are aware of this interest but there is no final decision yet. Inter Miami have been insisting on having Leo in MLS for years and are internally convinced that this dream will come true someday.

Barcelona have been dreaming of Leo Messi's return for some time, Joan Laporta would like the Argentine star's last year in Catalonia but knows that the negotiation is not easy and that there are many factors behind Leo's final choice.

For example, family is an important factor and also planning for the future; that's why the decision will take time, Barça have not yet made an official proposal and right now there is no negotiation because Messi wants to wait until 2023 without problems during the World Cup.

There are not only Inter Miami and Barcelona in the list of clubs interested in Leo Messi.

Keep an eye on the situation of Paris Saint-Germain: sources guarantee that Leo is very happy in Paris, he has found an important balance with a new country, a new league, new teammates and also the manager Galtier has built an excellent relationship with Leo.

It is no coincidence that the start of his second season at PSG was extraordinary: Messi has found the best conditions to prove once again that he is an ageless champion.

Internal PSG sources guarantee that the club is ready to make a major effort to offer Messi a new contract, persuade him to stay for at least another year and continue his experience in Paris.

This is a possibility that still exists and not to be discarded because Messi has not yet decided, the PSG project is still at early stages with Campos as advisor and so everything is absolutely open also on the French side.

Paris Saint-Germain, Barcelona, for sure Inter Miami are prepared to fight for Leo Messi in the next months but the final decision will only be up to Lionel, his father Jorge and of course his family di lui. Still a long race to go, but ... it's absolutely open.


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