Golf is one of the few sports in which betting odds can actually be too long.

To combat the uncertainty of tournament winner markets, savvy gamblers should consider hedging, and alternative markets to maximise their chances of leaving in the black, even if their player doesn't make it to the green.


No, we're not talking about topiary. Hedging is the practice of betting on alternative outcomes or markets to minimise losses, which means it can be a good way to ensure a profit.

It's worth noting that it does carry risks of its own; primarily in the increased total stake that you're putting on the outcome. But in a market with long odds, like all golf tournament winner markets, the risk may well be worth it.


It's important to be careful when hedging, however, as the odds can fluctuate dramatically during play. If you'd rather not put all of your eggs in one basket before the tournament even starts, then live betting may be for you.

Live betting

Live betting, otherwise known as in-play, has exploded in popularity in recent years, and offers golf fans the perfect opportunity to tailor their bets to the events on the course.

Rather than picking a winner from the start, live betting allows you to take your time, see how the initial favourites are faring, then pounce as soon as you see the odds change in your favour.

This is a fantastic strategy for those with a particularly keen eye for detail, as you can use factors like a player's composure, the changing weather and their overall performance to time your bets to perfection.

Odds will tend to fluctuate throughout the course of a game, so you'll need to be confident in your choices to make this work.

Alternative markets

If constantly tracking the numbers makes your head hurt and ruins your experience of watching the round, then you may want to look for less risky markets. Fortunately, there's a large amount of these on offer at major golf tournaments.

The head-to-head market is a good option, particularly when combined with live betting. Gamblers can back players to win the next hole, which is perfect if you know a par five is coming up and you've spotted a big hitter approaching the tee.

You can also back players to beat their partner over the full 18 holes, which is more useful when you spot a player dropping, or hitting, form.

The forthcoming Ryder Cup is currently offering some interesting markets for cautious gamblers to dabble in.

If, for example, the odds of 5/9 on team Europe aren't enough to tempt you, you may want to try the Top European Points Scorer market. Early odds of 7/2 on smoking hot Rory McIlroy look too good to be true.

Although those considering some arbitrage in later stages may look to Kaymer (12/1) or Garcia (6/1) for better value. To tee off with some of the best golf betting tips on the market, visit 888sport today.


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FIRST PUBLISHED: 11th September 2014

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