strategies for golf betting

The better the golfer you are, the easier it is to see the intricacies in the world of golf and how that is going to impact your bets. We all know the golfers in the top ten world rankings, but there can be some great players quietly moving their way up the ranks. Here are a few strategies for predicting rising stars and how to use them to help you with golf betting. 

Strategy 1: In-Depth Player Analysis 

Choose a few players that you are interested in placing bets on and take a look at their stats in depth. Look at things like strokes gained, as this can give you information about the way their game is trending and how it competes against the field. 

In addition, look at putting and short game stats. Golfers with the ability to get up and down easily and those with lower putting percentages tend to be quite good at scoring. 

Driving accuracy is usually a pretty good indicator of golfers who can make birdies. Starting off with the ball in the fairway is a distinct advantage in a tournament round of golf. 

Strategy 2: Course Familiarity 

There is always an advantage to a golfer playing their home course. However, when you talk about rising stars, you see some big advantages when it comes to course familiarity. 

Young players on their way up will look for courses they played in college, or even as a junior, to try and make their way to the top of the leaderboard. There is something about playing a course repeatedly that can help you become a better player at that course. 

We have seen this with golfers like Matt Fitzpatrick winning multiple championships at the same location through the years. 

Strategy 3: Injury and Health 

Young rising stars that are a good decision from a golf betting standpoint are in good physical health. In addition, these golfers are likely committed to their physical conditioning. 

Putting some time in at the gym is not a bad thing when you are headed down the 18th hole with a lead. Your body and mind need to be strong; look for young players that understand that. 

Strategy 4: College Golf & Korn Ferry Tour

Let's not forget that college golf and the Korn Ferry Tour are where most of the PGA tour stars are getting their start. You can find a lot of historical data and trends by looking back at these results. 

Take a look at stats, what is improving, what is not improving, and whether or not the player is heading in the right direction. 

All of this data is out there for you. Even though golfers can change from week to week, looking at averages over a longer period is quite helpful. 

Strategy 5: Try Some Head To Head Analysis 

Let's say you find an emerging talent you think would be worth betting on in the next event. GO ahead and look at their stats and data up against the top contenders in the tournament or even the tournament champion of last year. 

Putting one golfer up against another is a great way to gain valuable insight and information about what the player is capable of. If you think you have found a winner, that head-to-head comparison may seal the deal. 

Strategy 6: Social Media Check In 

Social media would never be the first place to find emerging talent, but it can work in addition to other strategies. Look at what the player is doing on and off the golf course. 

You can learn quite a bit about how focused golfers are and how they are planning to take golf to the next level by what they do on social media. 

Again, use this as a secondary strategy, but you can learn about a golfer's game.

Final Thoughts 

There are so many aspects to consider for golf betting, and that is part of what makes it fun. When looking for emerging golf talent, you have to lean on the stats about how players have performed in the past, what their goals are, and how they are going about achieving them. Good luck with your golf betting! 

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Britt Olizarowicz is a professional golfer and writer with more than 30 years of golf under her belt. She lives in Savannah, GA, and has worked for major golf publications and blogs, sharing her advice and experience in the game. When not on the golf course, expect to find Britt playing pickleball, boating, cooking, or running.