He’s The Most Valuable Player On The Best Defence 

I absolutely think that Myles Garrett should be in the running for MVP this year. He is the most valuable player on the best defence in the league. The Browns play the best defensive football.

When you watch their games, even if you don’t know anything about football or if you have never even seen a game, you come away from it thinking, “that number 95 is something else!”.

That is what you expect from star players. The MVPs are the ones who do that week-in week-out and that is what he is doing. 

It’s All Coming Together For The 49ers

I think everything is coming together at the right time for the San Francisco 49ers looking ahead to the playoffs.

The losses they had were not necessarily bad, because when you’re a great team you still need to have a reality check.

Then you see things like Fred Warner calling the team in and telling them to remember what happened when they didn’t prepare properly in the past.

It’s better to have that reality check in the middle of the season rather than at the end or in the playoffs. In their case it came at a good point, because now they’re playing brilliantly again. 

Wilson Is Done At The Jets, But Not In The NFL

The Zach Wilson situation is a tough one for the Jets because they could have held on to him until the end of his contract if Aaron Rodgers was fit and playing, but at this point nobody really has any faith left in him.

The rest of the team seem to have given up on him, and that tells you that it’s time to go.

Luckily for Wilson, he’s a talented player and that doesn’t go unnoticed in the NFL. The league as a whole won’t quit on him and a coach who thinks they can get his career back on track might just take a chance on him. 

Being the number two draft pick means you will always have offers. That status alone means he will be wanted in the league even if he has a few bad season. If he had been an undrafted player then one bad game could’ve ended him. 

Burrow To Bounce Back 

A lot of the time injuries are just down to a player having bad luck.

There are situations where, if a players is constantly getting similar muscle injuries, you could call them injury prone but that is not the case with Joe Burrow. His are injuries that could happen to anyone and he has just been unfortunate.

With the type of player that he is, I’m sure he will be able to bounce right back from this latest injury. He’s come back from setbacks before and I’m sure he will be able to do it again.

He’s a very determined guy and I expect him to put some extra time and work into making sure he is fully fit for as long as possible. 

His availability is one of the only parts of his game that people are really challenging, but it also comes down to the organisation who have to put things in place to protect him.

There is no doubt about his talent, he just needs to be available to show it more often than not. 

Without Hill, Only Kelce Is Turning Up For Mahomes

It is easy to look back at Tyreek Hill leaving the Chiefs and wonder how good they would be now if they had kept him, but I truly believe they tried everything and just couldn’t make it work.

There are questions around a lot of their offense at the moment and the only one who is really turning up to support Patrick Mahomes at the moment in Travis Kelce. 

Having Mahomes, Kelce and Hill all on the same roster would be incredible, but the beauty of the NFL is that the constant switching up is what keeps the league interesting.

It keeps everybody in with a chance and I think we’ll see that again this year with what is sure to be a great playoff race. 

Jaguars At Texans This Weekend’s Eye-Catcher

The big game for me this weekend in the Jacksonville Jaguars up against the Houston Texans.

I can’t wait to see these two teams – who hate each other – re-ignite their rivalry. A lot of people don’t know about the rivalry, but it is definitely there.

One of the biggest talking points are the quarterbacks because this was supposed to be Trevor Lawrence's division, he was supposed to have it locked up, but CJ Stroud has spoiled his party.

I think Stroud has already locked up the Offensive Rookie Of The Year award. There isn’t enough time for anybody to do anything substantial enough to get ahead of him in that department. 

He has made himself known and now you have two great quarterbacks in the division at the moment, so the AFC South is the place to be and this is going to be fun to watch.

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