Former NFL star Jason Bell provides his thoughts on the latest events in the National Football League as we the race to reach the Super Bowl goes up another notch...

Burrow and Allen both have great futures

Joe Burrow might have got the better of Josh Allen last weekend, but both still have great futures and will have very successful careers in the NFL.

What I do think is fair that while Patrick Mahomes is number one, few cannot say that Joe Burrow isn’t a fair pick at number two.

I thought Allen was the slightly superior before this season, but Burrow’s performances have just nudged him ahead in my opinion. 

Prescott can win a Super Bowl with the Cowboys but he needs help

The 49ers got the better of the Cowboys and while Dak Prescott was disappointing again, I do think he’s a quarterback that can win them a Super Bowl.

They’ve got to build a better roster, though, particularly on offence as in reality he only really had two guys that can make those big plays.

CeeDee Lamb and Tony Pollard are seriously dangerous, but if you compare them with the number of playmakers that the 49ers have it’s a bit of a mismatch.

Brock Purdy has been fantastic, but he’s got so many offensive weapons that it does make his life easier and I think if Prescott and the Cowboys are to be successful they need to build a similar team.

Purdy starts for San Francisco next season

Brock Purdy has definitely proven that he’s going to be the 49ers quarterback at the start of next season.

There’s no getting away from the fact he has one of the best offensive rosters in the NFL, however he’s shown in his short NFL career so far that he has the skillset to execute and be effective with the players he has at his disposal.

It shows that you just never know when you’re going to get a chance in the NFL and when it comes you’ve got to take it.

This guy is really good and he’s taking advantage of his situation the same way Tom Brady did all those years ago. We could be talking about Purdy for years to come, just like we are with Brady.

He has all the tools to be really really good in this league.

Mahomes the only option for the Chiefs regardless of his injury

He might be banged up but Patrick Mahomes is the best option Kansas City have by a country mile.

I think he’ll be fine at the start of the game and he should be able to throw the ball, but what I’m interested to see is what happens down the stretch – does the ankle hold up under pressure?

It remains to be seen if he can run the ball, but even on one leg, he’s still one of the best quarterbacks around. If he has a good game, the Chiefs will have a good one, it’s as simple as that. 

Bengals performances amazing

I think all four remaining teams are worthy of their place in the Conference games, but I must admit to being particularly impressed by what Cincinnati has done.

They’ve played so much football over the past two years having got to the Super Bowl in 2022, so to be close to being there again is really impressive. 

They had a very rocky start, so to have come back from that as well as that Super Bowl hangover is a great credit to them as well as the staff. 

Chiefs still my pick, just

This is one of the most open years ever so picking a Super Bowl winner is really tough, but I’m just about sticking with the Chiefs as they’ve been the side I’ve liked from the start.

The Mahomes injury is a worry, but if anyone can figure it out despite that, it’s him. 

I think they’ll probably take on the Eagles in the Super Bowl as while I have huge respect for the 49ers, homefield advantage might just be the difference maker.


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