• Megan Rapinoe is one of the most iconic female footballers on the planet

  • According to estimates, Megan Rapinoe has a total net worth of around $3 million

  • Rapinoe has campaigned tirelessly for equality in women’s soccer, playing a crucial role in the salary debate

Arguably the biggest name in women’s soccer, Megan Rapinoe has gone from being an elite football player to a sporting and cultural icon around the world.

Rapinoe has been a major name in live betting throughout her professional career but she has received plenty of media coverage in recent times.

Whether expressing her views on political situations or campaigning for equality in elite sport, Rapinoe is a role model for aspiring soccer players.

She has worked hard to build a reputation at the top level of the game, becoming one of the highest paid female footballers on the planet after her exploits.

In addition, Rapinoe has joined forces with fiancée Sue Bird to expand into other business ventures – including but not limited to CBD company Mendi.

Without further ado, it is time to take a closer look at Rapinoe’s estimated wealth, her role as a sporting icon and her achievements both on and off the football pitch.

Megan Rapinoe Estimated Wealth

The salary figures for women’s football are considerably lower than the average male wage. However, that is a discussion that we will mention a little later on…

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Megan Rapinoe has an estimated wealth of $3 million. We can assume the bulk of these earnings came as a result of her soccer career.

Rapinoe’s salary soared after joining European giants Olympique Lyonnais Feminin, with an annual wage of around $168,000.

To put that into perspective, the average female soccer player was earning $25,000 per year in the United States during the same period.

The USWNT star was a huge hit at Lyon Women, helping the French side reach the UEFA Women’s Champions League final in 2013.

However, she opted to join Seattle Reign (now OL Reign) and has thrived in that area of the country – and Rapinoe and her teammates are now earning a much fairer wage.

Megan Rapinoe Equal Pay

As previously mentioned, Megan Rapinoe has been a passionate advocate for equal pay in sport for female athletes.

In March 2021, Rapinoe visited the White House with the United States women’s national team and declared in a speech that she believes she has been “devalued, disrespected and dismissed” because of her gender.

Rapinoe has been an iconic figure in female soccer for over a decade and her comments on equal pay are more than fair.

Soccer fans can find the full Megan Rapinoe equal pay speech online, with the USWNT icon earning praise for her impact and influence on sports fans around the world.

Megan Rapinoe Endorsements

With female soccer players wages lagging way behind their male counterparts, it comes as no surprise to hear that Rapinoe’s net worth comes predominantly from endorsements.

Rapinoe has attracted plenty of marketing deals due to her on-field success, with the likes of Procter & Gamble, Hulu, Samsung and Smirnoff joining forces with the USWNT star.

However, her biggest deal is undoubtedly with Nike. Rapinoe has been a leading figure for the company over the past few years and she is still regularly involved in the biggest campaigns.

In 2016, Rapinoe starred alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in one of Nike’s largest adverts of the year while also collaborating on their “You Can’t Stop Us” campaign in 2020.

While not a direct endorsement, Rapinoe released one of the best football autobiographies of 2020 – with “One Life” earning a spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

Megan Rapinoe Wife

As of November 2021, Megan Rapinoe is engaged to WNBA legend Sue Bird. The couple started dating after meeting during the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil.

Rapinoe and Bird have been pictured together at various events over the years and the duo regularly post supportive messages on each other’s social media channels.

Is Megan Rapinoe married? At this moment in time, no. However, Bird and Rapinoe may opt to keep any nuptials private – only time will tell…

Megan Rapinoe Instagram

With over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, Rapinoe is one of the most popular female football players on the social media platform.

If you look at her social presence across all channels, the United States legend has over 4 million accounts following her activity on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Rapinoe regularly posts images from her sporting career as well as giving fans a unique insight into her home life, with wife Sue Bird featuring from time to time.

In fact, the couple opted to announce their engagement on Instagram in October 2020 and that remains one of her most popular social posts to this day.



FIRST PUBLISHED: 12th November 2021

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