A great many Premier League footballers annoy but who are the select few who can consider themselves truly hated?


We asked social media to oblige, naming players who involuntarily make us scowl while reducing our spleens to fiery balls of pure hostility. Unsurprisingly, social media didn’t disappoint.

10) Adam Smith 

Numerous players from beyond the traditional big clubs were mentioned but pertinently only the Bournemouth defender was nominated more than once. For that reason alone, Smith makes our hall of shame. 

It seems the Cherries full-back has an exasperating – if somewhat admirable – ability to persistently foul without picking up anything like the number of bookings his trips and late challenges warrant.

9) Jordan Pickford 

The Everton keeper’s perpetual indignation at having to do his job puts him firmly in the frame, his default setting after making a save always the same pathetic spectacle. 

First he shouts at the nearest defender, pointing out where a block could have been made. Then he shakes his head, so demonstrably that even those sitting in row Z can see his displeasure. 

Demanding perfection from others when you’re more than capable of a blunder or three is never a good look. 

8) Jordan Henderson

‘Hendo’ makes the list by virtue of his demeanour, strutting around the park like he’s a general in battle.

Perhaps his overt displays of leadership is over-compensation from succeeding a Liverpool legend in Steven Gerrard? Whatever the reason, it seriously grates.  

7) Harry Kane 

The Tottenham ace may be one of the best Premier League strikers of all time but what he gets away with on the pitch is frankly nauseating.

Star-struck by the presence of an England captain, referees typically turn a blind eye to his dangerous habit of backing into defenders, then neglecting to jump so they topple over him.

Indeed, they’ll often award him a free-kick for his troubles.   

6) Antony 

The Manchester United winger has all the tricks and cocky persona of a superstar only without any of the productivity to back it up. 

In due course, the Brazilian may well excel at Old Trafford. Right now though, he brings out the grumpy grandad in all of us, pointing out he’s all flash and no substance. 

5) Wilfried Zaha  

Speak to any Crystal Palace fan and they’ll insist their favourite son gets a raw deal. That he gets picked on. Targeted. 

The truth is in every single game, without fail, Zaha is front and centre of a running battle with opponents and the referee.

What’s the betting that he’s not always the victim in these interminably boring and constant disputes? 

4) Anthony Gordon

Gordon’s recent declaration of love for Everton – citing them as a ‘second family’ – would have carried more weight had he not reportedly gone on strike in order to force through a move to Newcastle.

Moreover, deserting a sinking ship is one thing. To claim it was so the Toffees could reinvest just insults the intelligence of every one of us. 

3) Richarlison 

Like chips with gravy, moody goes best with magnificence. It’s why even non-Manchester United fans find themselves endeared still to Eric Cantona

When a surly attitude emanates from a player who only turns it on three or four times a season it just leaves us stone-cold. And nobody likes cold chips and gravy. 

2) Andy Robertson 

A try-hard troll and wannabe hard-man, Robertson would presumably be disappointed at not topping this list.

It gives us enormous satisfaction therefore to highlight that for all of his relentless winding up of opponents, the irksome Scot still misses out to a direct rival. 

1) Bruno Fernandes 

After asking Twitter to nominate their most hated player it very quickly became apparent that a caveat should have been added, that being ‘Aside from Bruno Fernandes….’

The Portuguese ref-botherer received a whopping 67% of the votes, with a sizable percentage comparing him to a rodent. We would never.

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Stephen Tudor is a freelance football writer and fantasy football enthusiast who only knows slightly less about the game than you do.

A contributor to FourFourTwo and Forbes, he is a Manchester City fan who was taken to Maine Road as a child because his grandad predicted they would one day be good.