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The National Football League is one of the fiercest competitions in sport but social media memes help to bring the lighter side of the NFL to your living room.

NFL jokes can have you in stitches, with the most iconic memes doing the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram before, during and after games.

If you’re into NFL betting, chances are you’ll have seen a few of the memes on this list. The NFL is the gift that keeps on giving and football memes are an added bonus.

The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions have been the butt of NFL jokes for some time but we’ve compiled a varied list of American football memes across the league.


From the latest Madden memes to 2022 NFL memes, 888sport are here to provide gridiron fans with the biggest social media hits throughout the season.

As well as giving NFL picks straight up each week, we’ve looked at the funniest memes in NFL history. We hope you laugh at this list as much as we did!

Can’t Beat The Lions

Okay, we know it’s a tad clichéd to use a Detroit Lions meme but they’re just too good.

The Lions have been one of the worst teams in the NFL over the past decade and fans flock to social media to mock when Detroit manage to win a game.

Created in December 2021, this meme pays homage to Ben Roethlisberger, Kirk Cousins and Kyler Murray – the only three quarterbacks to fail to beat the Lions this season.

Panthers Quarterback Woes

The Carolina Panthers’ quarterback issues have been well documented, with the likes of Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater and Sam Darnold all failing to inspire confidence.

This meme documents that problem perfectly, with the mood of the entire Carolina fanbase summed up in one simple image.

What’s on the agenda for the Panthers in 2022? An elite quarterback prospect is an absolute must in the NFL Draft. If not, Carolina might have to re-sign Cam (again).

Refs On The Payroll

A popular meme on social media – one of the main roles of a sports fan is to back your team blindly when it comes to refereeing decisions.

Here, this NFL meme shows Sean McVay handing out a game ball to an official after the controversial victory over the Seattle Seahawks.

Chances are this meme was created by a bitter Seahawks fan, which is a little ironic given how Seattle have benefited from the officials in the past…

Another Refs Meme

Another NFL meme to do with bad officiating, this one combines the famous Lambeau Leap with a narrow Cleveland Browns defeat.

With the new rules relating to taunting and harsher pass interference calls, there are plenty of memes circulating when the officials decide to ignore such situations.

In this instance, a Baker Mayfield interception (yes, another one) should have been brought back following a clear holding call from a Green Bay Packers defender.

NFL On A Tuesday

Postponements and rearranged fixtures meant that some NFL fixtures had to be played on a Tuesday this season – much to the delight of football fans around the world.

While the change in schedule messed up plans for fantasy football players, it was great for the wider NFL community who could enjoy another day of watching sport to their calendar. 

Thursday, Sunday & Monday are covered. How about we have Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as permanent fixtures going forward?

Taylor vs New York Giants

2021 has not been a great year for the New York Giants. In fact, it’s been a pretty dismal decade for Big Blue if we’re being completely honest.

As of December 9th, Indianapolis Colts running back Jonathan Taylor had scored as many touchdowns as the entire Giants offense in 2021.

Right now, it’s a flip of the coin as to whether the Giants are the worst New York team or if the Jets take that title. Either way, this is an embarrassing fact.

A Year To Forget For The Raiders

2021 was a year to forget for the Raiders. While the transition to Las Vegas went smoothly, there were several off-field issues that had a negative impact on the team.

We only need to say the names Jon Gruden and Henry Ruggs III to put their year into context. The Raiders have encountered several problems – and the entire NFL world will not let them forget it.

Once the 2022 season is over, the Raiders organisation can try to rebuild. But for now, their reputation is damaged to say the least.

The Atlanta Falcons cemented their status as NFL meme legends after blowing a 28-3 lead at Super Bowl LI. To this day, they’ve never fully recovered from that loss.

Nowadays, the Falcons are a middle of the road franchise at best. However, they have the tendency to throw in the odd clanger – almost as if Atlanta are drunk…

It is hard to sum the Falcons up. They are some way off the playoffs but won’t be qualifying for a high draft pick. One thing is sure though: memes!

Lions No Longer Thankful?

Detroit have been playing on Thanksgiving since 1934 but Lions followers are starting to get sick of watching their team lose on a national holiday.

The NFC North organisation have lost their last five games on Thanksgiving and it is almost getting to the point where neutrals mark it down as a Detroit loss before kick-off.

Here, this meme combines two of the greatest things in America: football and The Office. Wonder if Michael Scott could do a job at quarterback for Detroit…

Ain’t No Party Like A Buffalo Party

The Buffalo Bills are renowned for their crazy tailgate parties and their passionate fans took it to the next level a few years ago as they reached the playoffs.

Supporters began jumping through tables in celebration and that has become something of a tradition amongst Bills fans – be prepared for plenty of videos in the postseason.

Just imagine how the Buffalo community would celebrate if the Bills go on to win the Super Bowl later this year…

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