Sarina Wiegman is the England women’s manager and a former player, who had a lengthy career with Ter Leede and the Netherlands.

Wiegman appeared over 100 times for the Netherlands, though only 99 of those were counted as official caps.

Upon her retirement, The Hague native turned her hand to coaching with impressive results in the club game leading to jobs in international management.

At first an assistant and interim with the Netherlands, Wiegman led the Oranje to glory at the Euros in 2017.

At the following Women's World Cup, the Dutch were finalists under Wiegman’s leadership. She became the first woman to receive a statue in the garden of the KNVB. 

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In the summer of 2020, it was announced Wiegman was succeeding Phil Neville as the manager of England.

Arriving with immense recent success in football betting, expectations were high, and Wiegman quickly became a national hero, leading the Lionesses to the first major silverware at Euro 2022.

Let’s learn a bit more about the iconic England boss… 

How Much Is Sarina Wiegman Worth?

Reports of Sarina Wiegman’s net worth vary considerably. In general, it is agreed that Wiegman is worth over £1 million, but some push that up towards the £5 million mark.

At the time of her hire, it was believed Wiegman was earning around £400,000, but there has likely been a significant increase after her Euros triumph.

While a regular feature in international football betting during her playing days, Wiegman’s earnings will not have been huge.

Salaries in women’s football are still a long way off their male counterparts, and back in Wiegman’s playing career, they were far lower than they are now. 

Sarina Wiegman Leadership

England had some of their best ever players when Wiegman was hired, but the team was disjointed and underachieving.

Wiegman’s impact was immediate, transforming the group into world beaters and European champions in a matter of months. 

Known for being low-key and letting her players take the credit, Wiegman has eased the pressure on the Lionesses.

While never shying away from big calls, and making some bold tactical decisions, Wiegman has also been a friend to her players when required, developing close relationships with many of them.

Prior to the Euros, the former midfielder stressed how important it is for players to enjoy football.

"As a player sometimes I didn’t think I enjoyed it enough. I worked so hard. You’re there, you’re doing what you love the most, you’re doing your best, so why don’t you just have fun, too?

"As I grew in my personality, I really wanted to be relaxed more. Why do players start playing football when they’re seven years old? It’s because they love the game.

"Yes, it’s all about winning, but you perform better when you can be yourself and when you’re in an environment – and it sounds like school – an environment where you’re safe, where you will not be judged.

"Because when you’re on the pitch you’re being judged all the time and that’s uncomfortable and unsafe."

Wiegman has an eye for detail, yet players have frequently praised how clear the messaging is.

She connects with the players, generating an environment where they can relax and enjoy playing for their country, which hasn’t always been the case under previous managers. 

Sarina Wiegman Family

Sarina Wiegman is married to Marten Glotzbach.

The couple have two daughters together – Sacha and Lauren – who have both taken a keen interest in football, and were playing for teams as of July 2022. 

Wiegman sadly lost her sister to cancer in the build-up to Euro 2022.

Speaking after the final, she said, "I'm kissing this little armband [bracelet] it was my sister's and she passed away during the build-up to the tournament.

"I think she was here, she was in the crossbar. She would have been here, she would have been really proud of me and I am proud of her too."

The England players wore black armbands against Belgium in honour of their manager’s sister.

"They came to me and asked me if they could do the gesture and I think my sister would be proud."

"It shows they are great human beings and the togetherness of the team. I think my sister is proud of them."

Sarina Wiegman Teams Coached

  • 2006-07 – Ter Leede

  • 2007-14 – ADO Den Haag

  • 2014-17 – Netherlands (assistant)

  • 2015 – Netherlands (interim)

  • 2016 – Jong Sparta Rotterdam (assistant)

  • 2016-17 – Netherlands (interim)

  • 2017-21 – Netherlands

  • 2021-present – England

England Managerial Stats

  • Games played – 31

  • Wins – 25

  • Draws – 5

  • Losses – 1

  • Goals scored – 138

  • Goals against – 12

  • Winning rate – 80.65%

Sarina Wiegman Euro 2022 

Sarina Wiegman became the first manager to lead two different nations to European silverware when England won Euro 2022 on home soil.

The Lionesses captured the country with their thrilling run to the final. Millions watched as Chloe Kelly scored a dramatic winner against Germany – the goal put Wiegman alongside Alf Ramsay as the only managers to lead England to major silverware.

The always insightful Wiegman summed up the Lionesses heroics with a short sentence.

"Most of all, we changed society."

Wiegman oversaw England’s glorious summer, pressing the right buttons and nailing her substitutions in the final.

"I’ve lost my voice a little bit. I think what we’ve done is really incredible. I’m so proud of the team. I think I need a couple of days to realise what we’ve done."

What the Lionesses achieved under Wiegman was remarkable, and has forever elevated the profile of women’s football.

Wiegman added, "We won the cup, and it is just unbelievable. If you really want to win, really want to become better every single day, you can do it and that is what I have noticed the whole year."

In fact, Wiegman’s post-match press conference was crashed by her jubilant players singing a raucous edition of ‘Three Lions’.

Mary Earps and Lucy Bronze jumped on the table alongside their manager, who was typically calm throughout. 

Leah Williamson, Wiegman’s captain, gave an emotional interview after lifting the trophy.

"We talk and we talk and we talk and we've finally done it. The kids are alright. It's the proudest moment of my life until the day I have kids so I'm going to lap it up.

"I was told to make every second count because I'll be living it over and over, and I did that today.

"The legacy of this tournament is the change in society. We've brought people together and got them to games. This is the start of the journey.

"Sorry I'm screaming but I love every one of you. I'm so proud to be English and I'm trying so hard not to swear."

Wiegman has a lifelong bond with this squad, and provided an entire country with a tournament that will forever be a part of English football history.


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