The Accumulator bet is the simplest form of multiple bet that exists. You can combine any amount of selections for an accumulator bet and the unit stake that you choose is all that you pay. There is just one betting line in an Accumulator but all your chosen selections must win in order for there to be a return.



First, let us define exactly what is an accumulator bet:


You must have two or more selections and you need them all to win to get a return. A two selection accumulator is also known as a double and a three selection accumulator is also known as a treble. A four selection accumulator is known as a fourfold bet or fourfold Accumulator. A five selection accumulator is know as a fivefold bet and so on.The maximum numbers of selection permitted in a multiple bet is 20, which is a twentyfold accumulator bet.

A £1 Accumulator costs £1.
The returns depend on the prices of the selections chosen, but all selections must win for your bet to win.


In accumulator bets, each leg is essentially rolling over onto the next bet. The simplest way to picture this working is to look at an accumulator where selections win at even-money.
Let’s imagine a £1 six-fold accumulator with all winning selections winning at even-money odds.


Bet Calculator

Leg 1: £1 @ evens = £2

Leg 2: £2 @ evens = £4

Leg 3: £4 @ evens = £8

Leg 4: £8 @ evens = £16

Leg 5: £16 @ evens = £32

Leg 6: £32 @ evens = £64


So, in this accumulator bet example, the combined odds of the sixfold accumulator are 63/1.
Betting with an accumulator can result in your stake multiplying at a rapid rate, depending on the price of your selections.
As a result, with accumulator betting the returns can grow very quickly!


While the example above is relatively straightforward, as each leg is at evens, to figure out, this is not always the case when you have a variety of starting prices.

If you have made your selections and want to determine the overall payout or odds, you could use an accumulator bet Calculator to simplify things. Simply enter the starting prices and your intended stake.


If you are having doubts about one or more of your selections on different types of accumulator, using the accumulator calculator might show you that you are still getting excellent odds if you decide to omit some selections!


The potential for a horse racing accumulator to grow quickly can be astonishing, especially when you have multiple winners at odds of evens or better.

From a stake starting at £1 it is possible to win vast sums. Let’s take an example of a racing accumulator to demonstrate.

Here is a potential sixfold accumulator for racing at Cheltenham. Remember, by doubling your stake, you can choose to make your bet an each way accumulator.

All the selections that are used in this bet are at relatively short prices to win their races but, as you will see, the returns are sizeable if the bet is a winner!


The total payout on this bet for a £1 accumulator is:


On your racing bets, you could also choose to combine some short-priced favourites in an attempt to get more value from your starting stake, as we have done in the following example:


If these selections are all successful, a £1 accumulator would return £33.


The football accumulator is amongst the most popular bets used by punters today.

You can make your selections from all the top leagues across the world and combine from each as you wish. The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League… all major tournaments and leagues are covered in our options.

Our example will look at a combination of games from Europe’s biggest domestic leagues:


Combining matches from England, Spain, Germany and Italy, we have put together a sixfold accumulator that will cost £1 to place and, if all legs are successful, would return £83.62.

In a similar fashion to that which we have outlined here on football betting, you can place accumulator bets on applicable markets on all sports.

You can also make mix & match selections across multiple sports if you so desire. The key point to remember when using a betting accumulator is that ALL selections must be winners in order for your bet to a winning one!

With the accumulator bet explained, this completes our overview of the different types of bet that you can choose to use.

Accumulator Bet - FAQ:

How Much Does An Accumulator Bet Return?

Returns on an accumulator vary depending on the odds of your selections. Four picks priced at Even money will equate to 15/1 – so a £10 wager would return £160.

Which Sports Are Best For Accumulator Betting?

Football and horse racing are the most popular sports for accumulator betting but 888sport offer multiples on almost every sport.

Placing An Accumulator Bet With 888sport

Once you have selected the individual legs of your accumulator, click on the bet slip and go on the multiples tab. At the bottom, you should see ‘four-fold’ – click the box next to that and enter your total stake and the potential returns should appear in the bottom left of the bet slip. 

Can You Place An Each Way Accumulator?

Follow the same steps as in the answer above, but remember to tick the each-way box next to the four-fold section.


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