In-play betting is increasingly popular. When it comes to tennis betting, the in-play options are plentiful.

Few sports suit in-play quite as well as tennis, as it is a sport that has pauses just long enough for wagers to be placed.

Tennis betting strategy can revolve around in-play options, with fast streams a crucial component for any bettors looking to get the best results.

888sport has a wide range of in-play tennis markets. You might be surprised how often in-play tennis is available, with matches underway somewhere in the world at almost any point throughout the day.

Let’s have a look through those in-play markets…


Match Winner

This one is simple enough. Just like you’d back a player before the match starts, the option is there to do so once the first game is underway.

Obviously the odds will fluctuate once the match is in progress. If someone goes two sets to love down in a Grand Slam, their ‘match odds’ will obviously skyrocket.

That can be a good way to find some sneaky value, particularly if it’s a player with a track record of a comeback or the leader is someone who can falter under pressure.

During the opening exchanges of a match, the odds in the match winner market will be very similar to their pre-match value unless there are obvious signs of an injury. It gives a window to catch up if you are running a bit late with placing your bets…

Next Point

The market for those who are too impatient to wait for the outcome of a match. The point betting on 888Sport has its own category in-play, with the next two points available to bet on.

They are listed with the number of the point first, followed by the set and game, for example, ‘Point 3 – Set 3, Game 5’.

This can be a good means of making quick money if you’ve picked up on a particular slump from one player. While the odds will reflect this most of the time, there will be flashes of great value.


Set Betting

With a lot more variation than the comparatively simplistic ‘next point’ market, set betting has several different areas to explore.

Listed under ‘set’ on 888sport, bettors can place wagers on the total games in the current set, game handicaps, tiebreak winner, first to a certain number of games and the correct score.

There are lengthy odds on offer in the ‘correct score’ market. The game handicap betting is probably a better option if you fancy one player to win the set comfortably.

The total number of games odds are very fluid, but they can be another place to find value if you’re expecting a comeback.


Game Betting

Like the aforementioned set betting, in-play options in 888sport’s ‘game’ tab are complex.

Bettors can place wagers on; the winner of the current or next game, whether there will be deuce in the current or next game, the correct score in each of the next two games, the total number of points in the next two games.

There’s a lot to get stuck into, isn’t there? Game betting, more so than set betting, requires quick decision-making. The odds on a score will change in seconds, and you need to be able to evaluate odds before you’ve missed a golden opportunity.

Ashleigh Barty
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Match Betting

888sport gives bettors the opportunity to not just bet on the eventual victor of a match, they can also back a player to win the most games.

In the same area in the tennis in-play betting section of the site and app, odds for the total number of games, total sets, game handicap, set handicap and correct set score can be found, too.

There are useful sliders for the total games and game handicap odds. These will start at the line, and can be altered to find the price that you are looking for. This can also be put into list view.

So, for instance, if you’re looking for over 27.5 total games, this can be displayed either in the list or by moving the slider even if the price isn’t on show when you first look at the market.

Handicap bets are a particularly good way to extract value from a one-sided matchup. If you see Rafael Nadal dominated the opening game or two against an inferior opponent, lumping on a hefty game handicap can be a way to get a big return within minutes.


Tournament Outright

Tennis promotion and offers will often be focused on tournament outright betting. As a tournament develops, an under-the-radar star performance from an outsider can make their price go from pretty ordinary to very intriguing.

Odds aren’t likely to move too much during a tournament, but an opening in the draw or if your evaluation of a player alters dramatically, it’s always worth checking the outright betting.


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