The Playlist is 888sport’s new weekly YouTube video series, where Rory Jennings, Ade Oladipo and Abbi Summers, plus another influencer/celebrity guest, debate a big talking point in football by putting together a definitive Top 5 list.


Pep Guardiola was voted as the best Premier League manager by the Playlist panel in the latest 888sport debate.

In this week’s chat, Playlist regulars Rory Jennings and Ade Oladipo were joined by Spurs fan Abbi Summers and Arsenal Fan TV presenter Robbie Lyle, to discuss who the top 5 managers in the Premier League are.

With the majority of the panel siding with Pep, Liverpool fan Ade disagreed – saying that Klopp deserved the top spot as ‘he’s won everything at Liverpool’ and that Pep’s failure to win the Champions League is his ‘achilles heel’.

Ade said: “He (Guardiola) would swap all those Premier League’s he has won at Man City for one Champions League.”

Rory replied: “I don’t think he would.”

Robbie said: “I love Klopp, but he has won ONE (Premier) league. ONE. Pep has won everything (including his time at Barca and Bayern).

"He (Klopp) competes with him (Guardiola) but doesn’t normally come out on top.”

After their excellent starts to the season, the panelists also discussed the rivalry between Spurs’ Antonio Conte and Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta with Rory asking the panel who they think is doing a better job.

Despite Spurs fan Abbi Summers admitting that she prefers to watch the ‘style’ of football that Arteta plays, she believes Conte is the ‘better manager’.

Abbi said: “We’re fairly even so far this season. I’d say in terms of who’s football do I prefer to watch, the style, I would say Arsenal.

"I think you know what you get with Conte. The formation he is going to play. And that probably comes at a loss of a more attractive, free-flowing, sexy football.

"But I still think that Spurs have a better manager. I think they are pretty well-drilled, and I still think that Spurs will finish above Arsenal, but I do think that both of us will end up in the top 4.”

Highlighting the Italian’s fiery reputation, Arsenal fan Robbie joked that he wasn’t even sure if Conte would ‘make it until the end of the season’ and that he fancied Arsenal to finish above their rivals.

You can watch the video on our YouTube channel today to see the full list – which also includes Chelsea’s Graham Potter. And as always, feel free to leave your comments.


Wayne Rooney was nominated as the greatest English striker of all time on this week’s Playlist – edging out Michael Owen.

Panelists Rory Jennings, Ade Oladipo, Steven McInerney and Antony Costa discussed which English striker was the best in their prime years – out of Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Harry Kane, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney.

Rory said: “Do you know who is really giving me a headache? Michael Owen. He was sensational. If we’re doing this in their prime.”

"I don’t know what to do with him. On one level I want to put him fifth, and on another level, I want to put him first.”

Ade added: “If you’re talking about golden moments, you’re not going to get bigger than what he (Owen) did against Argentina.

"You’re not supposed to do that. You’re not supposed to take the ball from the midfield and then skin a couple and slot it away.”

However, Antony and Steven were firmly in the Rooney corner – with Steven labelling Rooney a ‘big game’ player.

Antony said: “Rooney was an allrounder – at 16 years old he came on and with his first touch he lobbed David Seaman. And it wasn’t even a good Everton side.”

The three other contenders were discussed but Kane’s ‘lack of trophies’, Shearer’s reputation ‘worldwide’, and Cole’s ability as an all-round footballer were brought into question by the panel.

In the end it came down to a shootout between Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen, and despite Rory’s best efforts to convince his fellow panelists to award Owen the number one spot, the gang agreed that Rooney deserved it more. 

What do you make of the Playlist’s final decision? Watch the video on YouTube today and let us know your thoughts…


Declan Rice will have a big season – but may struggle to reach the very highest level of the game according to some members of 888sport Playlist panel.

In this week’s Playlist debate, 888sport ambassadors Rory Jennings and Ade Oladipo were joined by Man City fan Steven McInerney and Spurs supporter Antony Costa – to discuss which English player will have the better 2022/23 campaign out of Declan Rice, Jack Grealish, Marcus Rashford, Mason Mount and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Rory, who led the debate, said: “I think that Declan Rice will have a big season with the World Cup coming up. His place in the England team isn’t really in jeopardy. He is West Ham. He carries the expectations of a club and country.”

He said: “I honestly think he’s sensational.”

However, other panelists disagreed with Rory’s glowing review of the West Ham captain.

Steven argued: “If he (Rice) went to Man City now, he’d be sat on the bench all season behind Gundogan, Rodri, Bernardo, De Bruyne. He doesn’t have that high-level quality.”

Rory responded: “Not getting in the City team is neither here nor there. You can be a class footballer and not get into the City team.

I think he is a class act and I think he is going to grow and become an archetypal central midfielder, the swashbuckling box-to-box Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard. I think he’s that good a player.”

Steven and Ade were less than convinced with Rory’s comments, with Ade saying that Rice was ‘nowhere near’ that level.

The panel also expressed their disappointment in Marcus Rashford’s development, with Rory stating that his (Rashford’s) football talent is ‘not comparable’ to the other players mentioned on their list.

Plus, concerns were raised over Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defensive frailties – with Steven labelling his defending against Man United as ‘schoolboy-esque’; and the gang argued over Mason Mount’s questionable role within the Chelsea team.

It was decided that Man City’s Jack Grealish came a close second behind Declan Rice, with Antony suggesting that the City star ‘has got something to prove’ this season after his hefty £100m price tag.

Who do you think will have the better season out of these 5 English talents? Watch the Playlist on our YouTube channel today – and leave your comments below the video.


The Playlist panel’s final verdict this week was that Liverpool’s victory over AC Milan in 2005 was the greatest ever win by an English club in a Champions League final.

In the latest YouTube debate show, Rory Jennings, Steven McInerney, Ade Oladipo and Antony Costa discussed the 5 best Champions League finals won by English teams – with the five contenders being Chelsea in 2012 (vs Bayern) & 2021 (vs City), Man Utd in 1999 (vs Bayern) & 2008 (vs Chelsea), and Liverpool in 2005 (vs Milan). 

Rory, who opened this week’s debate, caused a stir by putting Liverpool’s epic 2005 comeback win against AC Milan third on his initial list – which was met by a stunned response by two other panel members Ade and Antony.

“You’ve got them (Liverpool) third?”, Antony responded in disbelief. 

Antony continued “Liverpool 05 they were 3-0 down. To get to three-all and to win on penalties the way they did in front of those fans was unbelievable.”

And Liverpool fan Ade backed up Antony’s comments, claiming that the AC Milan team that Liverpool beat was ‘insane’, with the likes of Pirlo, Kaka, Shevchecko and Crespo – making Liverpool’s feat even more spectacular.  

However, Chelsea supporter Rory was less than convinced, arguing that what Chelsea did in 2012 in Munich trumped what Liverpool achieved in 2005. 

He claimed that for the Blues to go to Munich and play a 'brilliant' and 'exceptional' Bayern team - and beat them, was more significant.

Steven and Ade disagreed with Rory, both saying that it wasn’t ‘memorable’ enough to be worthy of the number one position.  

And despite being a Man City fan, Steven thought that United’s treble winning year in 1999, where the Red Devils beat Bayern with two last minute goals, deserved to top the list. 

But eventually, after much disagreement, the gang settled on Liverpool (2005) taking the top spot, with Man Utd (1999) in second, Chelsea (2012) in third, Man Utd (vs Chelsea in 2008) in fourth and Chelsea’s recent win (2021) against City in fifth. 

See the full Playlist video on our YouTube channel – and feel free to share your thoughts.


Manchester United were voted the biggest Premier League club by the 888sport panel in this week's Playlist debate.

Rory Jennings, Abbi Summers, Ade Oladipo and Flex ranked the top 5 contenders, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United – in order of who they considered the biggest.

However, one member of the panel, Liverpool fan Ade was less than pleased with what Rory called a 'unanimous' decision.

Ade argued that Liverpool have ‘more trophies’ than their north-west counterparts and when pressed further by Manchester United supporter Flex, who stated that United have a ‘bigger fanbase’, Ade responded:

“You know what the definition of a big club is. The real definition. The Real Madrids, the Bayern Munichs, it’s European success. We (Liverpool) are a bigger club based on European success.”

Flex, who pointed out that Manchester United had more ‘domestic trophies’ than Liverpool, didn’t feel that trophies were the only measure of how big a football club is.

The United fan said: “You’re just talking about trophies. You’re not talking about the global fanbase, the global reach. You’re not talking about years of being unsuccessful.

Part of being the biggest and the best means your diversity and reach is bigger than anyone else’s.”

With Rory stating that the battle for the number one spot could only be between Manchester United and Liverpool, the panel continued their debate, discussing where Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City came in their list.

Rory claimed that Chelsea were deserving of the third spot, behind the two juggernauts, and ahead of London rivals Arsenal.

The Chelsea supporter suggested that the pendulum had swung in recent years, admitting that if he had this conversation ‘3 or 4 years ago’ Arsenal would be above Chelsea in his list.

But he felt that the turning point was Chelsea’s 4-1 demolition of Arsenal in the 2019 Europa League final and their two Champions League trophies.

The gang agreed that Man City fell some way short of the rest, in fifth. And there were calls by Rory and Abbi for Spurs to replace the Citizens on the list altogether – with Abbi arguing that Tottenham have ‘more heritage and more history’ than City.

You can watch the full 888sport Playlist video on our YouTube channel – let us know which side of the Lancashire-fence you sit on.


In the latest 888sport Playlist video, Rory Jennings, Abbi Summers, Ade Oladipo and Flex, started this week’s debate in unexpected agreement, much to the surprise of their viewers – but this didn’t last long.

The gang sat down to discuss which summer signing will have the biggest impact this season out of Raheem Sterling, Cristian Eriksen, Richarlison, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Kalvin Phillips. 

After quickly dismissing Kalvin Phillips as a contender, the team immediately moved on to Cristian Eriksen – sending a lot of love his way. 

888sport ambassador Rory claimed that Eriksen’s ability to pick a pass is up there with the likes of Fabregas, and fellow panelist Flex continued to heap praise on the Dane, saying he’s better on the ball than Bruno Fernandes.

With the panel largely agreeing on Raheem Sterling to have a positive impact at Chelsea – the conversation grew, and they became more and more divided.

It was the topic of Tottenham new-boy Richarlison, known for his nasty style of play, that ironically sparked a change in tone, as things started to get heated.

Rory fueled the debate, saying: “Richarlison is a really significant signing – arguably the most.

Part of the reason that I’m so convinced they're (referring to Spurs) going to have a brilliant season is the signing of Richarlison, simply because of the statement it makes.”

Spurs fan Abbi nodded in agreement, backing Rory’s comments up by adding “We've never had the strength and depth”, as she highlighted Richarlison was a clear upgrade on Lucas Moura.

However, Ade and Flex seemed less convinced, and when Rory later went on to say “Richarlison would turn defeats into draws and draws into wins”, this was met with a puzzled look on Ade’s face, who responded: “You’ve gone too far, you’ve gone too far”.

Who do you think will have the biggest impact for their club this season? Make sure you watch the whole Playlist video on our YouTube channel and share your thoughts.


On the latest episode of The Playlist, 888sport’s new weekly series, @Rory Jennings , @ADE OLADIPO, Abbi Summers are joined by Flex from the @United View to rank the Top 5 strikers in the Premier League.

Rory, Ade, Abbi and Flex debate whether Erling Haaland is guaranteed to be successful at Manchester City, how many goals Darwin Nunez will score for Liverpool and whether Gabriel Jesus is the perfect striker for Arsenal.

The panel also debate whether Spurs need to win a trophy to keep Harry Kane and whether Kai Havertz is good enough to lead the line for Chelsea, as well as Cristiano Ronaldo’s future at Manchester United.


On the first episode of The Playlist, 888sport’s new weekly series, @Rory Jennings , @ADE OLADIPO and Abbi Summers are joined by Flex from the @United View to predict the Top 5 teams in the Premier League 2022/23 season.

Rory, Ade, Abbi and Flex debate whether any team can compete with Manchester City’s money, whether Liverpool’s continued success under Jurgen Klopp is sustainable and, if it’s not, can Antonio Conte’s Spurs finish ahead of them?

The panel also debate which teams are most likely to miss out on the Champions League out of Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United, as well as pondering whether any teams outside the Big Six are capable of mounting a challenge for the top four.

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