• Three MLB teams don’t have official mascots

  • Baseball mascots are entertainers on gameday and appear at various events throughout the year

  • We’ve ranked all 27 of the official MLB mascots below

Sure, the most famous MLB mascots aren’t likely to swing MLB betting, but they are impossible to avoid if you’re attending a game or even watching on TV from home.

Baseball odds are always going to take home advantage into account, even if the stands aren’t always packed in the regular season.

The most popular MLB mascots can have a pretty significant impact on the atmosphere.

27) Slider, Cleveland Guardians

Some sort of unknown purple creature. The name has a baseball reference, which is nice, I guess, but this is too random.

26) Blooper, Atlanta Braves

Too weird for us. Blooper only arrived in 2018, and while he’s seen the Braves win a lot of games, it’s a thumbs down here. 

25) Southpaw, Chicago White Sox

Again, a furry green creature that doesn’t have any link to the ChiSox. Whether it’s a copycat of Wally or not, it just doesn’t work. 

24) T.C. Bear, Minnesota Twins

Just a bit creepy, really. T.C. stands for the ‘Twin Cities’, which is a nice touch, at least. 

23) Screech, Washington Nationals

A bald eagle in a home jersey is understandably patriotic for the team from the capital, but Screech takes a back seat to the much-loved President’s Race. 

22) Ace, Toronto Blue Jays 


Accompanied by a female counterpart at first and now occasionally seen with his younger brother, Ace is a large Blue Jay, and has been entertaining fans north of the border since 2002.

21) Orbit, Houston Astros

Reappearing in 2013, Orbit has seen the Astros become an online betting force. It’s another big green nondescript thing in a baseball uniform.

20) Mr Redlegs, Cincinnati Reds

There’s something a bit haunting about the eyes and moustache combo for this one. It’s a pass from us.

19) Raymond, Tampa Bay Rays

All too generic for our liking, unfortunately. With rumours continuing that the Rays could relocate, perhaps that gives them a chance for a new mascot. Sorry, Raymond.

18) Baxter The Bobcat, Arizona Diamondbacks

So we get that it’s pretty much impossible to have a Diamondback as a mascot, but how did they reach this conclusion?

The suit looks cool, though it must sweltering wearing that Phoenix’s summer.

17) Clark, Chicago Cubs

Named after Clark Street where Wrigley Field is located, Clark became the Cubs’ first official mascot in 2014.

16) Paws, Detroit Tigers

Yep, a Tiger called ‘Paws’ for the Detroit Tigers all makes sense. Checks all the boxes, though could be considered a bit on the scary side.

15) Sluggerr, Kansas City Royals

Sluggerr is a Hall Of Famer, and as noted already, we like names with a link to baseball.

Despite having high-profile social media accounts, Kansas City’s mascot is perhaps best known for injuring a fan with a hot dog back in 2009.

14) Mariner Moose, Seattle Mariners

Making the ballot for the Mascot Hall Of Fame in 2006 and 2007, Mariner Moose first appeared in the 1990s. You can’t dislike a moose outfit.

13) Swinging Friar, San Diego Padres

We like a bit of history with our mascots, and the Swinging Friar has got just that.

First named with the team in the 1950s, the attire has evolved over the years into a cartoon-like, smiley character with a dark cloak.

12) Dinger, Colorado Rockies

Baseball-themed name? Check. Colourful? Check. A nod to the franchise’s history? Check.

Dinger is an enormous, purple triceratops, which might seem random, but it’s justified by the fossils found when they were building Coors Field.

11) Pirates Parrot, Pittsburgh Pirates

Yep, just as it should be, the Pittsburgh Pirates have a parrot for a mascot.

We like this, and the Parrot is one of the more active mascots in the Majors whether messing around with the crowd or players.

10) Fredbird, St Louis Cardinals

We like mascots with a link to the team. The Red Birds having a mascot called ‘Fredbird’ is fun.

He’s in the team colours, too, and the googly eyes liven up the outfit.

9) Wally the Green Monster and Tessie, Boston Red Sox

Wally is a tribute to the iconic Green Monster wall at Fenway Park.

The tale goes that Wally lived in the wall for the first 50 years before coming out in 1997 – he has served as the team’s mascot ever since.

Ahead of the 2016 season, Wally’s little sister Tessie appeared on the scene. Fenway should be on the bucket list of every sports fans.

It’s not one of the biggest MLB stadiums, but few can rival its history.

8) Lou Seal, San Francisco Giants

Witness of one of the best MLB dynasties of the last 30 years, Lou Seal leans towards friendly rather than cheeky, unlike some of his mascot peers.

Lou will wear the team’s uniform for the game, and often appears at other Giants events.

7) Rangers Captain, Texas Rangers

Extra marks for a horse costume – they’re just entertaining. The Rangers Captain dons the same uniform as the team and will occasionally switch it up for a themed night.

6) Billy The Marlin, Miami Marlins

A Marlin with limbs, Billy was named by Miami’s first team owner, who made his choice because the Marlin is a billfish.

Active at every home game, Billy takes part in a boat race in a computer-animated video during each of Miami’s 81 games at Marlins Park.

His parents, Billy Sr and Betty, make an appearance on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

5) Bernie Brewer, Milwaukee Brewers

He likes beer and he’s got his own slide at American Family Field. Bernie Brewer gets more screen time than most mascots.

4) Stomper, Oakland Athletics

Elephants have been a symbol of the Oakland Athletics long before the franchise moved to The Bay.

Where other mascots are faintly linked to the organisation, Stomper is an integral piece of the Athletics’ branding and a must-see on gameday.

3) The Oriole Bird, Baltimore Orioles

Much like Stomper, the Oriole Bird is clearly tied to the organisation. You will instantly know which team this mascot is for. Simple but effective.

2) Phillie Phanatic, Philadelphia Phillies

Philly loves its mascots. The Phanatic is the most chaos-causing of MLB mascots, and while always providing entertainment, we’re slotting the Phanatic in at two here.

1) Mr Met, New York Mets

It’s a big call, but we don’t think any mascot is as big a part of their team as Mr Met and the New York Mets. He’s even on the team’s jerseys.

Mr Met was inducted into the Hall Of Fame in the noughties and he’s still going strong.


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