• Teams have released their kits for Euro 2020

  • There’s a wide range of designs for home and away kits

  • Read below for details on every kit to be worn at Euro 2021

From those at the top of Euro 2020 odds to tournament underdogs, we’ve got you covered for every single kit to be worn at this summer’s competition.

Nike, Puma and Adidas are the most common shirt manufacturers. Some countries will make history in these kits.

Euro 2020 Kits Revealed:

Others will go down in the realm of shirts to forget as performances fail to live up to expectations.

It’s been a long wait for Euro 2020. As the tournament nears, here’s a run down of the home and away kits for every team competing across the continent this summer…

Euro 2020 Group A Kits

Turkey Euro 2021 Kit 

Sporting two relatively similar kits, Turkey’s Euro 2020 kits both feature the Nike swoosh just under the collar. The crescent and star are below the swoosh in the middle of the chest.

On the home edition, the crescent and star feature on a red banner across a white shirt. There’s nothing drastically funky with the away version. Instead of a white base, it’s an entirely red offering with a marginally different shade for the banner.

The away kit also features matching red shorts and socks and will likely get a run out in the group stage.

Italy Euro 2021 Kit 

Football shirt fans will be highlighting Italy’s matches on the Euro 2020 calendar. These are arguably the nicest kits in the tournament.

Giving a nod to Italy’s rich history of art, Puma has crafted a detailed pattern on the home and away kits. As is to be expected, it’s the famous blue for the home jersey and white for the away kit.

Both shirts are complemented by dark blue trim. While the Italians aren’t tournament favourites, these kits are going to win over neutrals aplenty.

Wales Euro 2021 Kit 

Adidas have provided Wales’ kits for Euro 2020. Inspired by a Welsh revolutionary from the middle ages, it’s red with a golden-yellow trim for the home jersey.

The bands round the sleeves are going to be a popular touch.

Wales’ away kit is a different flavour altogether. Something of a banana and olive-green combo, this has a bold collar, which is destined to divide opinion among football shirt critics.

Switzerland Euro 2021 Kit 

Sharing a group with Italy and a kit designer, Switzerland’s Euro 2020 kits are provided by Puma.

Having opted for two different tones of red, the darker shade is across the shoulders. This enhances the general design, and gives it a fresher look compared to the standard all-red we’ve seen on similar shirts.

The Puma logo, the Swiss flag and the football association’s logo are lined up across the chest. This element carries over to the away kit.

The away kit is another experimental design from Puma. It’s safe to say it works. A white base is livened up with a red collar and four triangles pointing upwards, representing the four languages spoken in the country.

Euro 2020 Group B Kits

Denmark Euro 2021 Kit 

Their football isn’t always enchanting, but Denmark’s long-term partnership with Hummel always delivers. Unlikely to be much of a factor in Euro 2020 predictions, Denmark’s jersey should be one of the favourites.

Aside from the red body and white shoulders, Hummel have added a soundwave which features on the shirt and inside this collar. This, supposedly, is a nod to the sound of the fans singing the national anthem.

The away jersey is a quieter effort all-round. The sound wave is less noticeable, and aside from minor stripes on the body, it’s an all-white offering with red Hummel chevrons down the shoulders.

Finland Euro 2021 Kit 

Nike have gone for the flag-based design here. It’s a white base with the cross from the flag over the body, fading from light blue to dark blue. A golden Nike swoosh is on the intersection of the cross on at the top-right of the chest.

Instead of just mixing up the home design for the away kit, Nike switched it up. A polo-style collar is relatively unique at this summer’s Euros. It’s a dark blue base with light blue down the sides of the shoulders and body.

Belgium Euro 2021 Kit 

A red base on Belgium’s Euro 2020 home kit is partnered by a wide, black brushstroke running from the left shoulder down to the right hip. This goes under the badge and player number.

Adidas have made use of Belgium’s colours with black and yellow trim on the collar and sleeves – this is set to be one of the more popular shirts at the tournament.

A subtler away shirt is a white-ish grey without the brushstroke design. Red and black hoops sit at the end of the sleeves.

Russia Euro 2021 Kit 

Initially sporting red, blue and white sleeves, the Russian Euro 2020 kit has been tweaked following complaints about similarities to the Serbian flag.

What’s left is an uninspiring red with thick white bands at the end of the sleeves, and a chunky white area around the collar.

The away kit has a bit more to it. The white base has blue and red bands across the middle (which neatly line up with the sleeves) to represent the Russian flag.

Euro 2020 Group C Kits

Netherlands Euro 2021 Kit 

We know what we’re getting with a Netherlands shirt, and there’s no reason to complain here. The trademark orange is met with a simplistic black collar and piping down the sides.

Despite that standard template, this is a real show-stopper with a complex lion design all over the shirt. Made up of thin lines, this one is at its best from a distance to really take in the entire design.

The away kit just flips the home design to a black base with orange as a secondary. Just like other Nike kits, it’s got a button up collar.

Ukraine Euro 2021 Kit 

Working with Joma, Ukraine’s home kit is a standard yellow with minor touches of blue. It’s one of the more classical designs at the competition.

Flipping the blue and yellow for the away offering, the details on the body of the shirt are more noticeable.

Austria Euro 2021 Kit

There’s an Arsenal feeling to the Austria home kit. A red torso with white shoulders and sleeves, the body has an intricate, classic Alpine touch. It’s been given several appearances even before the tournament has started.

Art nouveau features on the away kit, too. This is a black base with teal trim, featuring a feather-like style across the torso.

North Macedonia Euro 2021 Kit 

One of the Euro 2020 minnows, North Macedonia have not been in the business of high-profile kit releases like many others.

If recent matches are anything to go by, they’ll be sporting a red-based kit for the Euros, featuring a yellow/orange sunshine design from the left of the chest.

The away kit is likely to be a white number with yellow and/or orange.

Euro 2020 Group D Kits

England Euro 2021 Kit 

England’s home kit is about as standard as Euro 2020 kits get. A white jersey with the Nike swoosh and Three Lions logo in the centre, it’s a generic dark blue collar and sleeve pattern.

The ‘community of lions’ graphic is featured, though this is a minor touch combined to eye-catching designs of others.

The away kit is blue with red stripes down the sides. Again, Nike have gone for a so-so button-up collar.

Croatia Euro 2021 Kit 

Not many football kits are as predictable or iconic as Croatia. The red and white checkers are larger for Euro 2020 than they have been at some previous tournaments.

The home shirt also features a white panel on the back to include the name and number.

Croatia’s away shirt is something new. A grey and black checker style isn’t a common thing in football, and particularly not with such small squares across the jersey.

Scotland Euro 2021 Kit 

Adidas have played it safe with Scotland’s home kit. The deep blue is complemented with the trademark three white Adidas stripes on the shoulders.

A light blue patterned away kit is a bit more interesting. Dark blue trim gives it a distinctly Scottish feel, and the shading across the torso is a nice touch.

Czech Republic Euro 2021 Kit 

Featuring the Lipa tree in the design, the Czech Republic kit is a less outlandish offering than some of Puma’s other designs for this summer.

The red body is met with dark blue trim and the Puma logo features in white.

While they went traditional with the home kit, Puma were bold for the away jersey. Lime green all over with black trim, this is meant to reflect the generational change in the Czech Republic team over the last few seasons.

Euro 2020 Group E Kits

Spain Euro 2021 Kit 

Having often stuck to traditional designs, Spain’s Euro 2020 kits are something a bit different. Different shades of red are incorporated through a grid-like design. Trademark gold stripes feature, of course.

This is a shirt bound to split opinion, but that’s not a bad thing when it comes to football kit design. A white jersey with red and gold bands around the sleeves is a more standard look for the away kit.

Sweden Euro 2021 Kit 

Similar to many other Adidas shirts, the Swedish colours work well with this look. It’s yellow across the torso and body, but the two-tone blue around the sleeves fits nicely.

Swedish kits can risk looking like something the Euro 2020 referees should be wearing. This breaks away from that.

The away kit is fun, too. A navy blue is met with yellow vertical pinstripes. Lightened up by the yellow adidas stripes on the shoulders, this is one of the better away kits at the tournament.

Poland Euro 2021 Kit 

A button up red and white collar and centred logo are the standouts of this throwback Poland shirt. It’s a clean design, giving a nod to the best years of Polish football in the 1970s and 1980s.

With stripes down each side and a hoop above each sleeve, the home kit is white with red as secondary, and the colours are flipped for the away edition.

Slovakia Euro 2021 Kit

Nike haven’t messed around with collars and sleeves too much on Slovakia’s home kit. Instead, it’s an all-shirt design with a chaotic pattern of two shades of blue.

Their away kit looks like a bit of an afterthought. A simple white with standard blue trim, this is a reminder of some of the less adventurous Nike kits in recent years.

Euro 2020 Group F Kits

Hungary Euro 2021 Kit 

It might not look like it on first glance, but Hungary’s home kit pays tribute to the Danube. The faint horizontal two-tone red stripes have the pattern of the Danube on them across the front of the shirt.

Where the home kit has white and green to complement the base red, the away jersey changes that round. Predominantly white, there are green patches down the ribs with red Adidas stripes and collar.

Portugal Euro 2021 Kit 

Defending their title, Portugal are one of the sports betting favourites to win the tournament. Thanks to Nike, they will be doing so in what is somewhat of a throwback look.

For the first time in almost two decades, they will be sporting green shorts. The traditional Portugal colours dominate the home shirt with a small polo-style collar. Green stripes feature around the sleeves and sides, livening up what could otherwise be considered a bland kit.

The away kit is something special. Three bands run across the torso. Each band is thick, featuring the national colours through five strips.

This is all on top of a faint base colour, and could be in the running for best shirt of the tournament.

France Euro 2021 Kit 

Much like the World Cup winning shirt from the days of Zinedine Zidane, the France Euro 2020 home kit features a horizontal red stripe on the chest. This is mixed in with lighter blue stripes on top of a dark blue base.

Where there’s plenty going on with the home shirt, the away kit is simplistic. A plain white shirt has blue and red stripes down the sides.

There’s little to get excited about here. Both kits include “Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite” inside the shirt.

Germany Euro 2021 Kit 

The Germany home kit is sharp. The white base and black horizontal stripes is a classic look, and it works well. Adidas putting the German flag on the sleeves is a particularly nice touch.

As with France, the away kit isn’t as eye-catching. Similar to some modern ‘blackout’ designs, this is a clean looking shirt, which again features the colours of the flag on the sleeves.

*Credit for the main photo belongs to Catherine Ivill / Pool via AP*


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