• Collecting Panini stickers is part of the pre-tournament tradition

  • Panini Euro 2020 is as popular as ever, with the Euro 2020 digital album rivalling the traditional Panini Euro 2021 sticker book

  • From release dates to app codes, here’s all you need to know about Panini stickers for Euro 2021

Surveying the Euro 2020 odds, collecting your Panini Euro 2021 stickers, and making sure you’re familiar with the tournament schedule are all important parts of preparation for a summer football tournament.

It’s been a lengthy wait for Panini Euro 2020. With the tournament nearing, though, football fans across Europe are tucking into their sticker albums.

Whether picking up sticker packets for the first time or taking a trip down memory lane, collecting Panini stickers is an addictive and satisfying past time.

The Euros are the perfect excuse to get stuck into a sticker album. Panini is synonymous with football stickers.

They have been partnered with FIFA since 1970, and the sticker-collecting craze shows no sign of slowing down as we approach Euro 2021.

Panini Euro 2020 Stickers:

Panini Euro 2020 stickers are flying off the shelves. It is a staple of the build-up to a major international tournament, and with good reason.

From school children begging for 90p to buy a pack to older football fans indulging in some nostalgia, Panini Euro 2021 stickers are popular across age groups.

They can be bought online. They are available at supermarkets and corner shops alike. Euro 2020 stickers are everywhere.

Fans are searching online for swaps and to find a new home for their duplicates as they aim to complete the Euro 2021 sticker album or, at the very least, get the satisfaction of a perfectly stuck, full page.

Panini Euro 2021 Stickers:

With the competition delayed by 12 months, there has been some confusion over the naming of this summer’s Euros. While UEFA are adamant this will still be referred to as Euro 2020, it’s common for people to refer to it as Euro 2021.

Searching through online betting or hunting for a Euro 2021 Panini sticker album, the internet is awash with Euros articles in the build up to this summer’s extravaganza of football.

Euro 2021 stickers are a hot topic. It’s never straight forward to complete a Panini sticker album. This summer’s challenge is no different.

Some fans will be as committed to their sticker album as they are to their team. Others will go for it early on and soon lose interest, resulting in a half fill sticker book.

Euro 2020 Stickers Release Date:

The Euro 2020 Panini stickers release date was March 30th 2021.

With Euro 2020 predictions ramping up, a lot of football supporters will be close to completing their Euro 2020 Panini sticker album by the time the warm-up matches get underway in June.

Perhaps some will still be looking for swaps deep into the knockout rounds.

Panini released the sticker book with plenty of time, though, meaning that a lot of collectors will be most of the way there by the time the competition starts with Turkey vs Italy in early-June.

Euro 2020 Panini Cards:

In parallel with their customary Euro 2021 stickers, Panini are also providing a card collection. Alongside Adrenalyn, Panini brings the official Euro 2020 trading card game.

Where stickers are purely about collection, the cards allow football fans to dive into a game against each other, too. Naturally, the game isn’t the be all and end all for many, though, with card collection just as important.

Similar to Panini’s offering for the Premier League, Euro 2020 Panini cards don’t quite matchup with the sticker albums in the nostalgia stakes, but they are almost as popular when a tournament summer comes around.

UEFA Euro 2020 Panini Sticker Album:

Euro 2020 wall chart? Check. Days booked off work? Check. UEFA Euro 2020 Panini sticker album? Check.

We know the Euro 2020 groups, and we’ve all mapped out the potential paths to the final. Now it’s time to fill in the Euro 2020 Panini album with the world’s biggest stars.

Since first arriving on the scene half a century ago, Panini’s sticker albums have become a staple of tournament tradition. They have branched out to various different competitions, but few are met with the same excitement as Euro 2021.

Euro 2020 Panini Codes:

Those working through the Euro 2020 Panini app will be on the lookout for codes. In this virtual version of Euro 2020 Panini stickers, various websites are offering app codes to help collectors.

The days of a messy sticker book being your only option are long gone. With games like Ultimate Team making virtual card collecting the norm, alternatives are also available when it comes to Euro 2020 stickers.

Some fans would prefer to build their collection on their phone.

Of course, the traditional route of the sticker album and hours lining up each player and logo correctly is still the way many choose to go, but Euro 2020 Panini app codes are increasingly popular and could see a surge through the summer.

Panini Euro 2020 England Stickers:

Gareth Southgate has the unenviable task of picking the Euro 2020 England team. Southgate has a raft of talent to choose from all over the pitch, but with so many good players come tough decisions.

Players like Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling will be two of the most popular Euro 2021 Panini stickers. Others not included in the Euro 2020 album might make it onto the imaginary plane.

Striving for the final few stickers can be a frustrating process.

As you near completion of your Euro 2021 sticker album, it’s worth checking out various websites and applications for swaps. It’s also an option to purchase the final few stickers directly from Panini.

This could be a special summer to be a fan of the England football team. Having collected all the Euro 2021 England stickers might prove a valuable a valuable memento in years to come. 

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