Newcastle continue their policy for the team of the present and the future. Trust in young people, talents in power and experience in the right place when needed.

A strategy started from the first day of the new ownership despite the September 2021 links with players over 30; Newcastle have chosen the opposite direction, an ambitious project with many young talents and next will be Anthony Gordon, new signing of the Magpies from Everton.

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Not an easy deal because the negotiation was not short, indeed longer than expected.

Anthony Gordon has been an important ally of Newcastle in this deal because the club wanted to give Eddie Howe a new winger as early as the end of the August transfer market and they chose to proceed with Gordon from the beginning of January: very clear ideas and positive initial contacts, especially with the player.

This was not an obvious step, on the contrary: in August 2022, in fact, Anthony Gordon had been approached by Chelsea in a convincing manner that he had had more than one offer rejected by Everton.

The Blues had insisted because they were convinced of Gordon's potential for the next few years but there was no chance to convince Everton, despite the player's hopes.

Since then, Chelsea have never again appeared in negotiations for Anthony Gordon despite the rumors; indeed, it was Everton executives behind the scenes who tried to persuade Gordon to sign a new long-term deal without success.

Because Anthony was already preparing a different future, the negotiation over a new contract has never been advanced and Newcastle have been able to take advantage of it with speed and a perfect strategy.

The player's green light arrived in early January; Gordon never had any doubts about accepting Newcastle because he was convinced by an ambitious project, a top coach like Eddie Howe who is doing an excellent job and has already spoken to the player, an important contract to prepare for a high-level future.

In short, the feeling was immediate with the club.

The negotiation between clubs was not quick or easy; Anthony Gordon did not show up for training three times to make it clear to Everton that he no longer had any intention of continuing in the club, his only will was called and his name is Newcastle.

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A choice that helped the club in the negotiation; because after a £35m opening bid not accepted by Everton, just after Frank Lampard's sacking, the club decided to approve and give the green light to the £40m final proposal plus £5m add-ons for Anthony Gordon.

Newcastle played their cards very well because they didn't want to overpay for a real talent but without indulging in excessive requests.

The £40m offer was the Magpies' last offer, take it or leave it was the message sent to Everton with the approval of the player who only wanted to move to Newcastle.

Since then, the deal has been approved with one key detail: Newcastle will pay this amount in one installment, helping Everton's finances at a critical time to be able to improve the team and prepare for the future under Sean Dyche as new coach.

A new era without Anthony Gordon for the Toffees, the continuation of an excellent project with Anthony Gordon for the Magpies who wanted another young star and... they got him.

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