Formula One betting has never been more popular. With thousands of fans getting behind their favourite drivers ahead of each Grand Prix throughout the F1 season, it is the crown jewel of the motorsport world.

Nowadays, bookmakers offer a wide range of Formula 1 betting offers and markets to whet the appetite of punters. In years gone by, backing the outright winner of a Grand Prix was the only option but now there are hundreds of F1 betting odds to choose from.

Best Formula One Betting Tips:

Without a shadow of a doubt, F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport and the Formula One World Championship is the accolade that everyone wants to win.

Drivers compete for an individual title while teams also go up against one another in the Constructors Championship.

The challenge facing every Formula One team is immense. F1 cars are designed to be faster than ever before and even the smallest change to a vehicle can make a huge difference.

Safety is obviously paramount but protocol has next to no impact on the exciting buzz of live Formula One betting.

You don’t need to be a motorsport expert to watch the Grand Prix on a Sunday afternoon but our top F1 betting tips could prove useful when betting on Formula One this season.

Formula One Betting Tips

As previously mentioned, Formula 1 is the king of motorsport. With cars now designed to reach speeds of well over 200mph, F1 is a fantastic spectacle for any sports betting fan.

The number of Grand Prix races per season has changed in recent years, with Formula One branching out around the world due to an increase in popularity. F1 betting tips will now be available for races in Baku, Sochi and Abu Dhabi.

Traditionally, the F1 season runs through the European summer, with the first Grand Prix of the season taking place in Australia in March and ending in Abu Dhabi in November.

Formula One betting tips can be found ahead of each campaign but also before every Grand Prix race weekend.

One factor to consider is the race distance of approximately 190 miles – this remains the same for each race but the number of laps will change as some tracks have longer circuits than others.

F1 Betting
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We’ll touch more on the Formula 1 Drivers’ Championship a little later on but that is the top prize in motorsport.

The legendary Michael Schumacher has seven world championships but could be joined by Lewis Hamilton in the not-so-distant future.

While the usual suspects will always crop up in F1 betting odds, every race is different and that is what makes Formula One so exciting.

Some tracks place emphasis on speed while others rely more on precision. A driver’s skill will be tested from start to finish throughout the Formula One season and that is what separates the men from the boys.

The driver is just as important as the car; something that most Formula One betting fans will already know.

F1 Betting Tips

Ahead of every Formula One race, there are two main types of F1 bet.

First and foremost, you have the outright betting markets for the upcoming Grand Prix while long term betting odds are also available on the Formula 1 season.

Outright betting on a Grand Prix is the easiest way to place a bet on Formula One.

Punters can see each driver priced up ahead of an upcoming race and this is especially popular with motorsport fans who are new to F1 betting.

While odds are usually short, there are anomalies from time to time. One of our top F1 tips is to check the weather forecast before placing a Formula One bet.

Some cars fare better in wet conditions than others and rain can increase the chances of a shock triumph.

Furthermore, punters can usually bet on a driver to finish on the podium – this is especially useful if you fancy a team to do well but aren’t quite sure if they have enough to prevail.

In a nutshell, this gives punters the chance to back a dark horse to sneak into the top three.

Depending on the stage of the season, a Grand Prix success can significantly impact the Formula One World Championship betting odds.

For example, an early victory for Ferrari or Red Bull Racing may see Mercedes tumble in the Constructors’ Championship odds.

Long term bets in Formula One are also popular, particularly as they keep punters watching and interested in the sport for the rest of the season.

They work in the same way as outright F1 bets, with the main difference being that it is over the course of an entire campaign and not just one race.

Bear in mind – history usually matters so don’t panic. If your team starts slowly but tend to find form in the second half of the season, keep the faith. Trust in your F1 betting tips and knowledge and stick with it.

If you are shrewd enough, you might be able to time your F1 long term bet to maximise the odds.

For example, if Lewis Hamilton fails to place in the first three races of the year, his odds will increase and therefore offering additional value for Formula One bets.

F1 Qualifying Betting Tips

However, it would be foolish to ignore Formula One betting on a Saturday.

Betting on F1 qualifying is very popular indeed, particularly as Saturday’s race for pole position is arguably as important as the race itself at some tracks.

Punters can find odds on each driver to start the Grand Prix from pole position, awarded to the driver who sets the fastest lap time in the final round of qualifying.

Nowadays, there is a knockout system in qualifying with grid position determined accordingly.

Enjoying a bet on F1 qualifying is the ideal way for motorsport fans to grow accustomed to Formula One betting markets ahead of Sunday’s big race.

F1 Qualifying Betting
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It is often hard to track the action though so bear that in mind as each qualifying session is both fast and furious.

The perfect qualifying session is known as a ‘one-two’. Essentially, this means that a team locks out the front row with their drivers qualifying in first and second place on the grid.

This can often allow the team to try and maintain both positions at the start of a Grand Prix.

Remember – don’t forget about penalties. Some drivers may be forced to start further back on the grid if the team break rules regarding car improvements or if the driver is served with a penalty for an on-track offence.

Both of these will impact F1 betting odds so keep an eye on all Formula One news.

Formula One Live Betting Tips

One of the most popular methods of sports betting is to bet in-play.

Bookmakers around the world tend to offer live betting on Formula One and this can prove lucrative if you are smart with your selections.

The key to success when betting live on a Formula One race is to think fast. You need to be able to make quick, sensible decisions and familiarising yourself with F1 betting strategy is an absolute must.

Tracking each driver and monitoring what type of strategy they are on can help punters gain an advantage.

Each driver must pit at least once during a race and change tyres; team tactics can give their driver the edge with a late surge while ageing tyres may mean costly mistakes are made.

Listening to commentary can help punters – informative statistics relating to sector times, lap speeds and tyre age are very useful indeed when betting on Formula One.

Furthermore, punters can find live weather report updates that could have a major effect on in-play Formula One odds. This is very important, particularly as wet tyres can change the entire complexion of a Grand Prix.

F1 World Championship Betting Tips

Betting on the F1 World Championship is an absolute must – whether you’re new to the sport or a Formula One expert.

A long term bet on the title race can keep punters interested throughout the campaign, especially if your selection is winning races!

Lewis Hamilton F1 Betting
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Lewis Hamilton is a popular pick with motorsport fans around the world and punters will be expecting the Mercedes man to clinch the World Championship once again.

Keep an eye on the latest Formula One betting tips and odds as the British driver hunts world title number seven.

Also, it is worth monitoring ‘each way’ markets relating to the F1 world title. If you can find a bookmaker offering each way places on the World Championship, it may prove prudent to take advantage of these.

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