If you are a fan of American football, then there is probably a good chance you will have looked at NFL betting tips at least once.

Whether you enjoy betting on the NFL every weekend or simply wish to enhance your Super Bowl experience with a fun bet, our NFL betting tips guide can give you an edge when betting on American football.

Winning the Super Bowl is the dream for every NFL organisation and punters regularly place a bet on the showpiece winner after looking at NFL Super Bowl betting tips at the beginning of the season.


The NFL regular season kicks off in September and usually ends at the start of January, with the playoffs taking place in the build-up to the Super Bowl in February.

Our Top NFL Betting Tips:

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American football fans will be keeping a close eye on the NFL Draft betting tips ahead of the new season. The NFL Draft gives supporters insight into some of the top prospects making the step up from college to professional level.

Some of the greatest players in NFL betting history have been selected with the first overall pick in the NFL Draft but it doesn’t always work out that way.

NFL Betting Tips 2020 - Super Bowl Tips
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Tom Brady, for example, was taken by the New England Patriots with the 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.

Without further ado, let’s get down to the important stuff: our best NFL betting tips. With a bit of luck, our American football guide can help punters profit when betting on NFL this year…

NFL Betting Tips

The easiest and most popular way to bet on NFL is to back a team to win a match.

As is the case with most American sports, bookmakers usually offer this as the ‘money line’ while also offering the chance to back a team to win by a certain number of points.

The NFL handicap betting line differs depending on the match you use but punters can also decide to back the underdog to win, draw or lose by a certain margin.

For example, if the Dallas Cowboys are +5.5 points underdogs, your bet would win if they lost by five points.

Meanwhile, some punters prefer to back the over/under total points line in some games.

If there are two top quarterbacks going up against one another, it may prove prudent to back a high-scoring game instead of committing to placing an NFL bet on a team to win.

Furthermore, punters can place a long term outright bet on a team to win a division, their conference or the Super Bowl.

Some bookmakers will let punters place an NFL accumulator bet on divisional betting so be sure to do your research before betting on NFL.

Here at 888sport, we also give customers the chance to bet on specific teams.

Ahead of the upcoming season, punters can back ‘yes or no’ for a team to make the playoffs while there is also a market relating to number of wins recorded in the regular season.

NFL betting tips are widely available on the internet and American football is growing at an incredible rate.

NFL UK fans have been treated to a number of exciting International Series fixtures in London over the past decade and long may it continue.

If you enjoy college football betting, you can use that knowledge to your advantage at NFL level.

With NFL betting tips and odds for Rookie of the Year awards ahead of each season, punters can often find lucrative betting picks on some of the most sought-after talents.

Our best piece of advice when it comes to betting on the NFL is to research thoroughly and stick to one particular betting system.

American football betting markets now give punters a plethora of options and the key to success is finding a betting strategy that works for you.

American Football Betting Tips

Betting on the NFL is an exciting experience, with matches swinging back and forth over four intense quarters.

As proven by the New England Patriots in that infamous Super Bowl win over Atlanta Falcons, momentum can shift quickly in American football and that contributes massively to the entertainment.

In addition, it is worth noting that the NFL is not the only American football competition in the world.

College football is incredibly popular across North America and more fans on this side of the Atlantic Ocean are starting to tune in to watch the best prospects in the sport.

The race for the National Championship game is enthralling, with twists and turns over the course of the season.

NFL betting tips will be impacted by some of the standout players in this contest and every organisation will want to sign the stars who shine on the big stage.

Furthermore, some bookmakers also cover the Canadian Football League – also known as the CFL.

The Grey Cup is among the most prestigious trophies in American football and that is the target for the competing CFL teams at the beginning of each season.

More often than not, punters can bet in-play on CFL matches during the campaign.

Like the college game, there are the usual contenders who feature prominently at the business end of the year and shrewd punters will follow the latest CFL betting tips before placing a wager. 

Free NFL Betting Tips

American football’s rise to prominence in this country has led to a huge improvement with regards to knowledge of the sport.

With that in mind, free NFL betting tips can often be as lucrative as paid tips these days – there are certainly plenty of options for punters.

Some tipsters will claim to be NFL experts but it is well worth doing your research before taking their word as gospel.

Find the most successful NFL betting tips writers in the industry and keep track of their selections for a few weeks before investing any money.

You’ll notice that most of the top NFL betting experts tend to follow a specific system.

Best NFL Betting Tips For Making Money
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Some will choose a number of home teams to win each week while others will always back certain teams to record over the set number of points.

Free NFL betting picks can be found on the 888sport blog – along with a range of American football betting guides and helpful hints.

At the end of the day, punters can make their own minds up on selections but NFL tips and advice can prove very useful.

One of our biggest NFL betting tips is to consider whether paying for tips is the best way to enjoy your NFL betting experience while standing a better chance of making profit.

Always research thoroughly when joining a paid betting tips service – most tipsters will provide an up-to-date profit/loss account.

NFL Super Bowl Betting Tips

The Super Bowl is the highlight of the NFL season and it is one of the most watched sport events of the year.

Millions of American football betting fans from around the world tune in to watch the Super Bowl each year, with the half-time show attracting lots of attention from non-sport fans.

Betting on the Super Bowl has never been easier – whether you are a NFL betting expert or a newbie to American football.

With various special Super Bowl odds in the build-up to the contest, punters can access a wide array of American football betting tips.

From betting on the coin toss to backing the colour of the Gatorade that is thrown over the winning head coach, punters can find Super Bowl betting tips on almost every market.

You can even place a bet on how long the national anthem will last if you want to!

The Super Bowl takes place at an unsociable hour in the United Kingdom but that shouldn’t put punters off.

There are often favourable in-play NFL betting odds available on the Super Bowl and it is well worth staying up to watch the biggest NFL event of the year.

All roads lead to the Super Bowl and all 32 NFL organisations will be dreaming of lifting the Vince Lomardi Trophy.

Only one team can prevail, however, so best of luck with your NFL betting tips research and who knows, you could be celebrating a winning Super Bowl bet.

NFL Betting Tips With 888sport

The latest NFL betting tips can be found on the 888sport blog throughout the year, with long term Super Bowl tips and American football betting previews.

888sport is the place to be for cutting edge NFL knowledge, regular opinion pieces and American football news.

In addition, punters can find informative NFL betting guides with helpful hints to betting on American football.

Super Bowl NFL Betting Tips 888sport
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With a wide range of odds available, punters can find tips from our team of NFL betting experts over the course of the campaign.

Which team is heading the Super Bowl betting tips ahead of the upcoming season? Who will be named NFL Most Valuable Player this year? Who will be the first head coach to lose their job?

These are just three of the many questions NFL fans will have going into the season – best of luck with your NFL betting tips this year!

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