• Snooker commentary can be heard on a number of television and radio stations

  • John Virgo, Ken Doherty and Steve Davis are three of the best snooker commentators

  • Lots of former stars are now working as snooker commentators for various broadcasters

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Often broadcast on terrestrial television in the United Kingdom, snooker is readily available to a wide audience – although it is not a sport that will appeal to all.

Those who enjoy browsing snooker betting odds will appreciate the skill and mentality that is required to perform at the highest level of the sport.

Best Snooker Commentators:

And as many of the old guard hang up their cues, the snooker commentary booth is packed with a plethora of former World Snooker champions.

The likes of Stephen Hendry, John Parrott and Dennis Taylor are three of the best snooker commentators, providing expert insight into all aspects of the game.

The snooker world rankings are constantly changing and the snooker commentator role is no picnic. However, here are some of the greatest…

Snooker Commentators On The BBC:

Dennis Taylor

Born in Northern Ireland, Dennis Taylor won two ranking finals – including that infamous 1985 World Snooker Championship.

Taylor defeated fellow snooker commentator Steve Davis on the black ball to clinch one of the most dramatic victories in World Championship history to put his name on the snooker world champions list.

John Virgo

Winner of the 1979 UK Championship, Virgo is known more for his work as a snooker commentator than as a player – though he did break into the top 10 of the world snooker rankings after that success.

Virgo has one of the most recognisable voices in snooker commentary, with lines such as “where’s the cueball going?” now synonymous with the snooker legend.

Stephen Hendry

The seven-time world champion is one of the most prolific players of all-time and he has put that knowledge and experience to good use in the commentary box.

Hendry is one of the top snooker commentators and he can be heard on various channels, though the bulk of his commentary work is on the BBC.

Snooker Ref

John Parrott

A studio expert for the BBC, Parrott is one of the first names to spring to mind when talking about the best snooker commentators.

The 1991 World Snooker champion previously appeared as a team captain on A Question Of Sport but now focuses purely on his role as a snooker pundit.

Steve Davis

One of the old school snooker stars, Davis won six world titles during his illustrious career as a player and he now sets the standard as a snooker commentator.

Plying his trade with the BBC for well over a decade, Davis is one of the most recognisable figures in the sport.

Ken Doherty

The Irishman is a regular on BBC’s snooker coverage – whether that’s in the commentary box or as a pundit in the studio.

Winner of the 1997 Snooker World Championship, Doherty was one of the best players on the planet during his heyday and he has carried that form to the snooker commentary box.

Eurosport Snooker Commentators

Joe Johnson

Best known for winning the 1985 World Championship as a qualifying player, Johnson is now one of the most prominent Eurosport snooker commentators.

While he has had his critics in the past (namely John Higgins), Johnson’s longevity in his snooker commentary role makes him worthy of a spot on this list.

Jimmy White

Arguably the greatest snooker player never to win the World Championship, White is a household name amongst snooker fans around the globe and he was respected by snooker referees, commentators and fans alike.

While he still plays at the odd event here and there, White has taken his charm and charisma to the snooker commentary booth – working predominantly for Eurosport.

Ronnie O’Sullivan

Arguably the greatest snooker player of all-time, O’Sullivan is chasing Hendry’s record for the most World Snooker Championship titles.

From time to time, Ronnie brings his A-game to the commentary box. He signed a deal with Eurosport in 2014 and even had his own programme, ‘the Ronnie O’Sullivan show’ on the channel.

Neal Foulds

One of the most experienced heads in the game, Foulds was once ranked as the third best player on the planet – though he frequently fell short on snooker’s biggest stage.

Foulds comes under the snooker commentators journeyman category, working for the likes of Eurosport, ITV and the BBC in years gone by.

Snooker Commentators On ITV

Clive Everton

The Welsh veteran is best known for his days with the BBC but he opted to make the switch to rival broadcasters ITV – with various snooker events switching to the channel.

Everton runs a magazine called SnookerScene and you’d be hard pressed to find many snooker commentators with as many contacts as Clive.

Snooker Commentators

Alan McManus

A former professional snooker player, McManus is one of the most recognisable figures on ITV’s snooker team – probably because of his thick Glaswegian accent.

McManus brings a fresh perspective to the snooker commentators role, with the Scot not holding back on criticising players for poor safety play.

Female Snooker Commentators

At the time of writing, there are no standout female snooker commentators on television or radio.

The likes of Hazel Irvine, Seema Jaswal and Jill Douglas have made a living as some of the leading female snooker presenters but commentary is still male-oriented.

As we see more female snooker referees breaking into the sport, hopefully we see more women in the snooker commentary box in the near future.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 16th February 2021

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