Tennis is one of the most popular sports to bet on, with tournaments and competitions taking place daily all around the world.

Tennis betting tips are a regular feature with most bookmakers in the United Kingdom, with a clear focus on Grand Slam tennis events, as well as ATP Tour and WTA tournaments.

The Best Tennis Betting Tips Are:

  1. Keep Tennis Betting Simple

  2. Find The Best Tennis Players To Bet On

  3. Free Tennis Betting Tips Are Worth Following

  4. Trust Your Tennis Betting Knowledge

  5. Tennis Live Betting Tips Can Be Profitable

  6. Bet On Tennis Grand Slam Tournaments

  7. Research US Open Betting Tips, News And Odds

  8. Follow Wimbledon Betting Tips And Trends

  9. Keep Up With Australian Open Betting Tips And News

  10. French Open Betting Tips And Odds Are Important

  11. Gamble Responsibly When Following Tennis Betting Tips

Whether you’re backing Roger Federer to win Wimbledon or fancy Serena Williams to hold her serve in the next game, betting on tennis is very exciting.

The hype surrounding Grand Slam tournaments only enhances the enjoyment of tennis betting and plenty of punters will be placing a bet on tennis in the coming months.

With four Grand Slam competitions each calendar year, tennis betting tips are well worth following throughout the season.

With tournaments in Australia, France, England and the United States, it is important to factor in climate when looking at tennis odds. Furthermore, previous records at each event can prove particularly useful.

There are three main surfaces used in tennis: grass, clay and hard court. The style of play is different on each surface and that can impact tennis betting tips.

For example, Rafael Nadal is known as the ‘King of Clay’ and the Spaniard regularly heads the French Open betting tips every year. Be wary of player strengths and weaknesses before betting on tennis.

Roger Federer and Serena Williams are widely regarded as the greatest male and female tennis players of all-time.

With a combined 43 Grand Slam singles titles between them, they have dominated the tennis betting tips over the last decade – though both are now entering the final stages of their respective careers.

As is the case with most sports betting tips, keeping a bet as straightforward as possible can often be the key to success when it comes to betting on tennis.

Without further ado, here are our top tennis betting tips for punters to get the most out of their tennis betting experience.

Keep Tennis Betting Simple

Betting on tennis is simple enough – whether you’re a tennis expert or a novice to the sport.

Punters can place a tennis bet on an outright winner of a Grand Slam tournament, a player to win a particular match and even a certain number of sets in a match.

Like with any sports betting, punters can try other more intricate tennis betting tips but we would always advise familiarising yourself with simple markets first.

Free tennis betting tips on Roger Federer
Photo credit: Sang Tan / AP Photo

Learn the latest tennis rules and be completely aware of how the sport works before following tennis betting tips.

The easiest way to bet on tennis is to back a player to win a given match or tournament.

You will find that most bookmakers offer tennis betting odds on all four Grand Slam events over the course of the year and these types of bet are easy to track and follow.

Find The Best Tennis Players To Bet On

As previously mentioned, some players perform better on certain surfaces and researching into that is one of the top tennis betting tips for punters.

Take Roger Federer for example; backing the 20-time Grand Slam champion to win the French Open title would be foolish given his record of just one triumph in 18 attempts at Roland Garros.

Monitoring the form of players is absolutely essential. Again, you shouldn’t back a player because of their name – even the top tennis players go through poor runs of form.

There are various tennis websites offering statistics and results, which can be beneficial to tennis betting tips followers.

Furthermore, always assess both players before betting on tennis matches.

There might be an aspiring, young talent facing a seasoned veteran but if the more experienced player is in their twilight years, they could be vulnerable if stamina becomes a factor.

Free Tennis Betting Tips Are Worth Following

With tournaments taking place all year round, tennis betting tips are available for almost every competition.

Grand Slam events are the pinnacle of the sport but passionate tennis fans will follow free tennis bets and tips on ATP World Tour matches and WTA fixtures.

You only need to have a quick look at the latest tennis betting news to find key information relating to upcoming matches and tournaments.

Many bookmakers have tennis betting offers and promotions, as well as enhanced trebles and specials for Grand Slam events.

There are so many different tennis betting tips options for punters; there is no longer a need to target paid tipsters.

Yes, some paying for tennis tips can prove beneficial but free tennis betting tips are improving as bookmakers continue to offer new markets on the sport.

Trust Your Tennis Betting Knowledge

Following on from our free tennis betting tips section, it is important to keep faith in your own tennis knowledge.

Punters shouldn’t follow tennis betting tips for the sake of it; make sure you do your research ahead of placing a bet on tennis.

If you are a keen tennis fan and believe you’ve found an exciting and interesting bet that goes against online tennis betting tips, go for it.

Betting on tennis with Eugenie Bouchard
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Trust your own judgment when betting on tennis and enjoy yourself with a fun and entertaining wager. Research is crucial when betting on tennis.

There are plenty of statistics and head-to-head record information that can help punters make an informed decision but ultimately, you need to be confident of making a correct selection. Good luck!

Tennis Live Betting Tips Can Be Profitable

If you are watching a match and you can see the momentum shifting, placing an in-play bet on tennis is an option.

Punters can often find generous odds during a match, particularly if the clear favourite falls behind early on. Always remember to keep an eye on in-play tennis betting tips and odds during major contests.

Due to the fast nature of the sport, in-play tennis betting tips will change quickly so punters will need to be on the ball and aware of potential market moves.

If you play your cards right, you can enjoy reasonable levels of success betting in-play on tennis.

In addition, keep track of the number of aces. If a player is dominating on their serve, it may prove prudent to back in-play on a player to record more aces than their opponent.

By the same token, the match is likely to go the distance if players repeatedly hold serve.

Bet On Tennis Grand Slam Tournaments

As previously mentioned, there are four Grand Slam tennis competitions held at different venues over the course of the year.

The Australian Open kicks things off at the beginning of the year before the French Open, which usually takes place in May.

Next up is Wimbledon, the only grass court Grand Slam tournament before the fourth and final major competition which is the US Open.

Most tennis betting tips and odds will focus on these four tournaments; every young tennis player wants to win a Grand Slam.

Grand Slam odds are usually available shortly after the previous tournament. For example, 2022 Australian Open betting tips will be priced up after the 2021 competition.

Keep an eye on tennis tips and previews on the 888sport blog for the latest Grand Slam betting news.

Research US Open Betting Tips, News And Odds

First held in 1881, the US Open is one of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world.

Now the fourth Grand Slam competition of the year, it is one of two events played on the hard court surface – US Open betting tips fans will be familiar with the New York tournament.

Rafael Nadal claimed his fourth US Open title in 2019 and he will be a popular pick in the US Open betting tips for future tournaments.

Sports Betting During Coronavirus Crisis

Winning any Grand Slam competition is a dream come true but the US Open is one of the most prestigious events in tennis.

Plenty of tennis betting tipsters will be offering US Open tips in the build-up to the event, though punters should remember to take certain factors into consideration.

Fatigue can play a major part as the US Open comes at the end of a busy tennis season.

For tennis fans in the UK, Wimbledon is the highlight of the year. Fans from all over the world travel to London for this grass court competition, which takes place in June and July.

Without a doubt, Wimbledon is one of the top tennis betting tips event of the summer.

Novak Djokovic defended his Wimbledon title in 2019, giving the Serbian a total of five wins in the grass court Grand Slam event.

Wimbledon tennis betting tips will almost certainly see Djokovic at the head of the market for next year’s competition.

As the only grass court Grand Slam competition, betting on Wimbledon is slightly different to the other major tournaments.

The speed of the game is slower so that brings stamina and youth into play – two particularly important trends to consider for anyone betting on tennis.

Keep Up With Australian Open Betting Tips And News

The period between October and December can be quiet for tennis betting but fans don’t have to wait too long for the Australian Open.

Held in Melbourne every January, it is the perfect tournament to kickstart the Grand Slam tennis betting campaign.

Novak Djokovic has been the dominant force at the Australian Open in recent years, with the Serbian winning eight Melbourne titles in his career.

Even the most ardent anti-Djokovic supporter would find it tough to back against him in Australian Open betting tips.

Hitting the ground running is important here and the best tennis players often enjoy plenty of success at the Melbourne Grand Slam.

Speed is key to success on any hard court surface and that is the main point worth considering when betting on the Australian Open.

French Open Betting Tips And Odds Are Important

Last but not least, we have the French Open.

The Roland Garros tournament is the only Grand Slam tennis event held on clay and that makes it very unique and special – a large number of UK tennis fans make the short trip over the English Channel each year.

Rafael Nadal, the undisputed ‘King of Clay’, claimed his 12th French Open crown in 2019 and he will continue to top French Open tennis betting tips until his retirement.

Nadal a solid pick in French Open betting
Photo credit: Christophe Ena / AP Photo

Roland Garros is Nadal’s playground and he is an absolute joy to watch at his brilliant best.

Power and precision are key to success on the clay court and tennis betting tips followers should consider backing accurate servers and strong hitters at the French Open.

It isn’t an exact science but clay court plays slower than other surfaces and those are traits worth noting.

Gamble Responsibly

Most importantly, please gamble responsibly.

Tennis betting tips are some of the most enjoyable betting markets in sport and punters can revel in watching the best tennis players competing at the highest level.

With so many different markets on offer to punters, be aware of your own tennis betting strengths.

Once you have found a system or tennis bet that works for you, stick to it. Best of luck with any future tennis betting tips!

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