• Tennis umpires have an average salary of around £1500 per match

  • The earnings vary significantly depending on the standard and tournament, with male Grand Slam matches being the most lucrative way for tennis umpires to make a living

Tennis umpires face an arduous schedule. Those at the top of the game are tasked with managing some difficult situations in the intensity of Grand Slam battle. They can be at the centre of moments which sway tennis betting.

On the biggest stages, the pressure is high for the players, and that is matched for the umpires.

Their every decision will be watched over by millions around the world, many of which will have engaged in some live betting.

Tennis Umpire Earnings:

Technology has made their jobs easier in recent years, but no piece of technology can help to calm down irate players.

The best umpires can keep tense situations under control, all while maintaining the match is officiated to the highest possible standard.


Let’s learn a bit more about the life of tennis umpires, starting with some salary information…

Tennis Umpire Salary Figures

Reported income figures for tennis umpires vary drastically.

Top umpires on the men’s game can pocket up to £350,000 per year, while umpires on the female tour are looking at somewhere around the £200,000 mark. 

Officials for male Grand Slams can receive around $5,000 per match, while the equivalent position for female matches is looking at roughly half of that figure.

These numbers are all rough estimations, however, as the exact salary figures for tennis umpires (whether that’s ATP or WTA) are not published.

These quoted numbers are for those at the top of the game. Naturally, it takes quite some time to reach this level. Entry-level umpires are looking at closer to £350 per match.

Essentially Sports claims that line umpires at lower levels can receive as little as £50 per day at lower levels.

The line judges can make plenty of money once they get to the big time, however, with a daily rate of £500 for line judges in non-Slam events, which leaps to £1500 per match in Grand Slam competition.

Of course, the majority of tennis umpires around the world don’t get close to the £350,000 average salary that men’s umpires receive.

It’s a competitive business, and takes an immense work ethic to be making calls at Wimbledon or Roland Garros.

Gold Badge Umpire Earnings

Gold badge tennis umpires are tasked with overseeing WTA, ATP and Grand Slam events. These umpires are trusted with the sport’s most reputable events from Melbourne to New York.

Their expertise means they receive the highest salaries among all tennis umpires, but it isn’t straight-forward to reach this position in a tennis umpire’s career.

Being a Gold Badge umpire means potentially sitting through the longest tennis match. It takes several years of working as an umpire to reach the pinnacle of the profession.

Umpires must have passed the ‘Level 3’ school. Once they have done so, they move to a bronze, then silver and potentially gold.

Gold Badge umpire earnings are significantly higher than those at lower tiers, but the gap between officials for male and female matches remains.

Chair umpires for ATP matches receive a fee of £1500, while the number is just £750 for women’s matches. 

Only the very best make it into this category. There are 23 male gold badge umpires as of September 2023, with Carlos Ramos and Carlos Bernardes being the two longest serving, having reached the level in 1990.

There are 12 female gold badge umpires currently.

How To Become A Tennis Umpire

The first step to becoming an international tennis umpire requires a year or two of clinics at the Professional Tennis Umpires Association (PTUA) in Houston, Texas.

It isn’t a foregone conclusion that attending the clinics will see you become a professional tennis umpire. The tests are notoriously challenging, and you must pass them all before you are given certification. 

Once you join the circuit, further evaluations are frequent.

Your standards must remain high throughout if you wish to progress the umpiring ladder, which is your quickest route to earning a sizeable salary like the most well-known tennis officials.

At first, this may well be no more than a hobby for tennis fanatics who fancy travelling the world. It is time-consuming, though, and most will be looking for their umpiring to evolve into a full-time job.

What Are The Duties Of A Chair Umpire?

A chair umpire is the leader of the officiating team, and must ensure all rules are followed throughout the duration of the match. 

You are likely to see the chair umpire on camera if you are keeping up with the latest tennis predictions. They have much greater responsibilities than the line judges. 

Chair umpires have the final say for all decisions. They are also charged with dealing with complaints and queries from players, which can be challenging at times.

At times, chair umpires will be forced to overrule line judges on a missed call. They are responsible for the pace of play and keeping to the spirit of the game.

Crucially, chair umpires are also responsible for completing the official scorecard. This is the formal historical record of any given match.

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