The Best MLB Dynasties In Major League Baseball History

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The natural variables in the sport, the element of fortune in postseason baseball, makes it difficult to win a string of titles

Never a baseball betting favourite, the San Francisco Giants were underdogs for much of their early 2010s dynasty

San Francisco Giants

These Yankees teams had great depth beyond the star names of Roger Clemens, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera.

New York Yankees

Where other dynastic teams are often built on aces and, in the modern era, lockdown bullpens, the Cincinnati Reds were all about the offence.

Cincinnati Reds

Although the franchise is better known for its underdog status and the film Moneyball these days

Oakland Athletics

New York won six World Series in seven years, a barely fathomable achievement. The Brooklyn Dodgers were on the receiving end

New York Yankees (1947-1953)

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