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Real Madrid

All through modern football history, Real Madrid have been the team of stars, the career pinnacle.


The groundwork done by Arsene Wenger built fans for life. They have remained competitive enough to retain relevance.

Manchester United

The first 20 years of the Premier League belonged to Manchester United.


Until 2020, Liverpool had been without an English league title for three decades


Barcelona have always won trophies, but the footballing philosophy instilled by John Cruyff is what makes them the club they are.

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They develop players better than anyone else in Europe. Like Barcelona, the impact of Cruyff and Rinus Michels runs through the club.


Never short on star power, and with personality aplenty, PSG are a divisive club, but one with growing support.


The arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo will have given the Old Lady an almighty boost in supporter numbers.


Chelsea have made a big push to grow their international supporter base.

Bayern Munich

Bayern are obviously one of the biggest clubs in the world, but their consistent success, their reluctance to pursue names

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