Glossary of Snooker terms

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A series of scoring hits - the number of points scored in one hit.

A Break


Ahead Race Or Session

A format of a match wherein a player has to set up a lead of a decided number of frames (games) to win.

Aiming Line

An imaginary line started from the preferred path an object ball is to be sent (generally the middle of a pocket) and the middle of the object ball.

Balance point

The point, generally around 18 inches from the bottom of a cue, upon which the cue will balance when resting on one hand.

Any complex shot, which must be hit under pressure.

Blood Test



Feather shot

An extremely thin cut shot where the cue ball just hardly grazes or connect the object ball.

Free Ball

When any player who is snookered after a foul hit, a 'free' ball is awarded and if it is potted, then the player gets the same number of points as the ball 'on'.

Refers to a special stick which assists the cue stick – a stand-in for the bridge hand. It has a grooved

Mechanical Bridge

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