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Average Championship
Salary on Rise

The average Championship wage in 2021/22 is £35,000 per week.

The average Championship wage is £35,000 per week, whereas the average League One salary for a footballer is less than £5,000 per week.

Championship Salaries vs Premier League Wages 

A BIG Gulf In Championship Wages

There was a huge difference between the biggest Championship spenders and the lowest Championship spenders in the 2021 summer transfer window.

Parachute Payments Make Championship

Parachute payments have existed offers a safety net to Premier League clubs who are relegated to the Championship.

Championship Player Earning

Players are earning close to £70,000 per week, the average Championship salary is now just as crazy as the average Premier League wage.

The Highest-Paid Championship Player

The Championship football player with the highest salary was Wilfried Bony who played for Swansea and earned around £90,000 per week.

Average Premier League Player Earning

Premier League players earn an average weekly wage around £70,000 per week.

Highest Paid Footballers In The World

In 2019 the top 3 highest-paid athletes in the world were Lionel Messi($127 M earnings per year), Cristiano Ronaldo ($109 M), and Neymar.

Top Paid Football Managers

In 2019 the highest-paid football manager was Atletico Madrid's Diego Simeone with £35.9 million per year.

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