• Stephen Hendry earned the nickname ‘Golden Boy’ after turning professional at just 15 years old

  • Estimates value Stephen Hendry net worth at £12.4 million

  • The Scot won an incredible 36 ranking titles throughout his illustrious career

Born in 1969, Stephen Hendry burst onto the scene as a youngster to take the snooker world by storm.

The Scottish star made the step up to professional shortly after his 15th birthday and always looked destined for greatness.

A popular choice in snooker betting picks for every competition, Hendry was the dominant force in the sport throughout the 1990s.

It was a golden decade for ‘Golden Boy’, beginning with his first World Championship title at just 21 years old.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor, Hendry was determined to succeed on the biggest stage of all.

That hunger and desire contributed massively to his success, with Hendry going on to clinch 36 ranking event titles – a figure only surpassed by Ronnie O’Sullivan.


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How Much Is Stephen Hendry Worth?

Estimated figures for Stephen Hendry are hard to come by and it must be stated that the accuracy of such numbers can be challenged.

Some websites predict Hendry’s wealth at over £30 million while others value his estate at less than £10 million.

Realistically, we can assume the snooker legend’s net worth is somewhere between those two figures. Celebritynetworth report Hendry’s wealth at approximately £12.5 million.

We’ll get onto Stephen Hendry snooker prize money figures in the next section but taking those into account, the £12.5 million estimate sounds fairly acceptable.

Career Prize Money

Snooker can be very lucrative if you’re good at it and luckily for Stephen Hendry, he was one of the greatest players to grace the snooker table.

As well as holding records for most years ranked as the world number one and the most century breaks in a career, Hendry held the total snooker prize money record for over a decade.

According to online sources, Hendry won around £9 million in snooker prize money during his career – a figure eclipsed by Ronnie O’Sullivan in recent years.

While ‘The Rocket’ was around at the same time as Hendry, O’Sullivan has extended his playing career into the modern era and prize money is now on a whole new scale.

Hendry’s career earnings are remarkable given the competitive nature of the sport during that era – he was undoubtedly snooker’s dominant force during his heyday.

Considering he ended his career with a staggering 36 ranking titles and 38 non-ranking titles, Hendry’s total wealth from snooker could have been a lot higher…


Stephen Hendry is synonymous with the World Snooker Championship, claiming the sport’s biggest prize a record seven times throughout his career.

Like Steve Davis in the 1980s, Hendry dominated the competition between 1990 and 1999 – winning five world titles in a row during the period.

In addition, Hendry sat atop the snooker world rankings for eight glorious years, cementing his status as the greatest player of his generation.

All of that success contributed to a hefty bank balance and estimates value Stephen Hendry net worth at £12.4 million, with the majority coming from his career earnings.

Is Hendry The Greatest?

The ‘greatest’ debate is subjective of course but you can certainly make a strong case for Stephen Hendry ranking as the best snooker player of all-time.

Devoting his entire life to the game, Hendry lived, breathed, and slept snooker throughout his playing career and he remains heavily involved in the sport.

However, being passionate about snooker doesn’t mean you’re the greatest. In Hendry’s case, he has the tournament wins and individual records to support his case.

While younger fans may claim Ronnie O’Sullivan is the greatest, purists will point towards Stephen Hendry or Steve Davis as worthy of top spot in this discussion.

‘The Rocket’ has broken many of Hendry’s records but longevity isn’t always an indicator to rely on – though all three aforementioned players are brilliant in their own right.

Snooker Punditry

Since retiring from the sport, Hendry has made a smooth transition to the commentary box and he is now a leading icon for both the BBC and ITV.

Known by his adoring fans as ‘The King of the Crucible’, Hendry has established himself as one of the leading snooker pundits around.

He is refreshing to listen to, focusing on the finer details of a snooker match while offering a ‘no holds barred’ perspective on his former peers.

Hendry can come across as brash at times but his passion and charisma come through in his commentary style – and his love for the sport is stronger than ever.

In terms of snooker pundit salary figures, those are unknown and remain private between Hendry and his employers. As one of the top snooker commentators around, Hendry brings in an audience...

However, we can assume that he earns a handsome figure while working for some of the biggest terrestrial television channels in the United Kingdom.

Luxury Lifestyle

You could be forgiven for assuming the life of a snooker player isn’t exactly extravagant but in Stephen Hendry’s case, he is certainly living the good life.

While he lost his beautiful Perthshire home to ex-wife Mandy, Stephen has a scintillating collection of luxury cars, including a Ferrari 348 and Tivoli XLV.

In addition, Hendry reportedly owns a Rexton 2.2 and you’d get decent betting odds that the Scot has other vehicles on his books.

Reports claim Hendry now lives down in Berkshire with Lauren Thundow, his girlfriend of four years.

As long as he remains a central component on BBC’s snooker coverage, Hendry is likely to have the money to splash out on fancy cars and house updates in the future.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 16th December 2021

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