Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world, with the NBA taking centre stage for most basketball fans.

However, the EuroLeague is huge on this side of the Atlantic Ocean and Europe’s elite competition gives keen basketball betting punters an opportunity to enhance their skills.

Top Basketball Betting Tips Are:

  1. Know The Sport Inside Out

  2. Narrow Focus To Specialise

  3. Free Basketball Tips Widely Available

  4. Keep NBA Betting Tips Fun

  5. Injuries Impact Basketball Betting Odds

  6. Follow Latest NBA Trade Rumours

  7. Don’t Ignore European Basketball Betting Tips

  8. EuroLeague – Stepping Stone For NBA

  9. NCAA Basketball Betting Tips Are Worth Following

  10. Keep Eye On College Basketball Betting Tips And Trends

  11. When Betting On Basketball, Gamble Responsibly

Winning the NBA Championship is the dream for any aspiring basketball player.

Every year, basketball odds show how competitive the NBA is and even the most knowledgeable betting fan may struggle to pick out the outright NBA Championship winner. With so much pressure in the NBA playoffs, shocks are aplenty.

The Toronto Raptors were crowned NBA champions for the first time in their history in 2019 – most basketball betting tips expected the Golden State Warriors to prevail.

Plenty of fans will be looking to bet on NBA in the coming months and the Raptors should be prominent in the basketball odds.

Michael Jordan is the most famous basketball player of all-time, though the likes of LeBron James, Tim Duncan and the late Kobe Bryant are also in the conversation.

Basketball betting experts will already know these players but novices can find out more NBA tips, player news and basketball odds via the 888sport blog.

Basketball betting tips range from backing an outright winner to player props for points, blocks and assists.

Staunch NBA followers will be aware of most markets but it is important to keep tabs on the latest basketball betting odds as they will change depending on which bookmaker you bet on NBA with.

There are a number of ways to improve your basketball betting technique. Here, we look at some of the most important factors to consider when placing a bet on basketball – some are specific to NBA odds while others are more general.

So without further ado, let’s get down to our top basketball betting tips to follow.

Know The Sport Inside Out

Researching any sports bet is important but it is imperative in basketball.

You only need to read through any basketball betting tips to notice the attention to detail – the best tipsters around always find a niche angle for their NBA betting advice.

Never bet for the sake of it – make sure you have a good knowledge of basketball betting before getting invested in the sport.

Best Basketball Betting Tips
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Also, we recommend punters familiarising themselves with basketball rules and betting permutations before placing a basketball bet.

Following betting advice is fine and dandy but it is crucial for any punter to trust in your own judgment.

Don’t just take someone else’s thoughts as gospel; be sure to do lots of research on and most of all, enjoy yourself when betting on basketball.

Narrow Focus To Specialise

Once you have enhanced your basketball betting tips knowledge, it is time to hone in your skills.

Plenty of punters choose to focus on specialising in a particular market, such as odds on basketball points per game – statistics are easily accessible to support punters.

If you enjoy basketball betting but aren’t enjoying much luck with your NBA bets, it might be worth considering the EuroLeague instead.

Focusing on the EuroLeague could be the way to go for hardcore basketball betting followers as it is very specialist compared to NBA betting.

The best basketball betting tips often focus on simple markets. These are exclusive and easy to understand, whether you are an NBA betting expert or a newbie to betting on basketball.

In time, you will find which basketball betting tips you enjoy more than others...

Free Basketball Tips Widely Available

The NBA is one of the biggest sports betting leagues on the planet and millions of fans around the world watch basketball on a weekly basis.

Basketball betting tips are popular with tipsters around the world and there is a plethora of advice available for punters.

Here at 888sport, our team of basketball betting experts can provide cutting edge insight into the NBA, the EuroLeague and other major basketball competitions.

As always, free basketball tips are available on the 888sport blog and sports betting fans can find the latest news throughout the week.

Don’t just ignore paid tipsters though – while paying for basketball betting tips does not mean guaranteed success by any means, some tipsters have excellent reviews.

Do your research when signing up to any paid betting tips and always remember to consider free basketball tips.

Keep NBA Betting Tips Fun

Enhance your gambling experience by keeping basketball bets fun and entertaining.

With a range of basketball fans offering free NBA betting tips throughout the year, punters can get enjoyment betting on basketball during the offseason, regular season and playoffs.

The Golden State Warriors were the most successful NBA team in recent years but their era of dominance looks to be over.

Things can change very quickly in the NBA basketball betting tips but the Warriors look set to struggle for the foreseeable future.

Best NBA Betting Tips
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Winning the NBA Championship is the objective for every aspiring basketball player.

Only a select number of players will be fortunate enough to win basketball’s top prize and the NBA playoff betting tips are often slim for each and every team.

Because of the competitive nature, it is crucial to place emphasis on the fun and excitement of basketball betting tips.

The speed of the game helps massively, with NBA odds fluctuating from start to finish. Without a doubt, basketball is a fun sport to bet on.

Injuries Impact Basketball Betting Odds

This ties in with a couple of our other basketball betting tips.

Researching odds is important for basketball betting value but that will count for very little if a team is missing players due to injury – it is vital to keep up to date on the latest basketball injury news.

If LeBron James suffered a serious injury, the basketball odds for the Los Angeles Lakers to win the NBA Championship would drift significantly.

Injury news is vital for every sports betting punter and that is no different when it comes to betting on basketball.

By the same token, a run of road games may impact a team’s fatigue and confidence; so it may prove prudent to back against a side who have played away from home for a number of matches.

This is a basketball betting tip that is well worth noting, especially in the NBA.

Follow Latest NBA Trade Rumours

Following on, it is also essential to keep tabs on the latest basketball trade rumours – both for betting purposes and for general viewership.

In the context of the NBA, a significant player trade can shake up the entire basketball betting odds.

Imagine taking a Steph Curry and trading him to a genuine title contender. In basketball, teams rely heavily on individuals and sports betting odds will fluctuate depending on trade news.

The best basketball betting tips fans will be looking to exploit rumours before odds change.

You could argue that basketball odds are not directly impacted by the odd rumour but unsettling reports can have an adverse effect on a team.

There have been plenty of NBA trade rumours that have completely derailed a top side in the NBA playoffs betting tips.

Don’t Ignore European Basketball Betting Tips

Betting on European basketball is often much easier for basketball fans on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The time difference doesn’t help NBA followers in the UK, particularly those who enjoy in-play betting on basketball.

Instead, many basketball followers choose to bet on the EuroLeague. While there aren’t as many Euro basketball betting tips about, money can be made if you enhance your overall knowledge of the league.

Sports Betting During Coronavirus Crisis

The standard is improving year by year and some players often go on to play in the NBA.

888sport are one of the only UK bookmakers to offer EuroLeague basketball betting tips on most matches.

There might not be odds or EuroCup basketball betting tips on every fixture but there are certainly plenty of options for fans to get their basketball fix. 

EuroLeague Is Stepping Stone For NBA

As previously mentioned, NBA scouts are now targeting the EuroLeague is a viable stepping stone for basketball’s top competition.

The basketball betting odds are slim for most players but teams are at least now considering a move for the best European players.

The likes of Tony Parker, Dirk Nowitzki and Manu Ginobili played in the EuroLeague before going on to achieve greatness at NBA level.

Those players certainly enhanced the NBA and basketball betting tips fans will be forever grateful for their impact on the sport.

For the sixth year in a row, the NBA confirmed that over 100 European players featured in the opening season rosters – which shows the impact of basketball betting on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hopefully the EuroLeague continues to go from strength to strength in the coming years.

NCAA Basketball Betting Tips Worth Following

The college basketball programme is intricate in the United States of America, with a range of athletic bodies governing the sport.

The NCAA betting purposes are very popular with the marketing of ‘March Madness’ helping to promote college basketball.

In fact, March Madness is one of the biggest basketball betting tips and news events of the year – fans from all over the world tune in to watch the top college basketball teams go toe-to-toe over the course of an intense tournament.

The NCAA season is usually held between October and April, with a postseason taking place to determine the champions.

College sports are almost as popular as religion on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and UK fans are beginning to follow the NCAA closely.

College basketball isn’t just about the NCAA though.

There are other governing bodies that manage basketball at college level and many of the biggest tournaments and competitions are priced up in basketball betting odds by bookmakers.

Furthermore, monitoring college basketball betting tips will give punters an insight into the college game and that should enhance their general basketball knowledge.

College basketball betting
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With a number of those players likely to make the step up to the NBA, punters can get an early glance at future basketball stars.

With the college basketball betting scene increasing in popularity, the number of tipsters is growing.

However, following basketball betting tips might not cut it at this level with college basketball still relatively niche.

When Betting On Basketball, Gamble Responsibly

The most important factor to consider when looking at basketball betting: know your limits.

Whether you write down all of your bets and stakes or keep a spreadsheet tracking NBA bet profit/loss, it is crucial to gamble responsibly.

Basketball betting tips are widely available but that doesn’t mean punters should adopt a ‘scattergun’ approach when it comes to betting.

Pick your NBA bets carefully and be sure to research thoroughly when looking at any sports betting market.

One of our top tips is to keep an eye out for any new customer offers or promotions, as well as enhanced specials for existing customers.

Here at 888sport, we consistently offer boosted prices for NBA betting punters – bear that in mind when placing a bet on basketball.

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