Liverpool and Manchester United are two of the biggest football clubs in the world. With just 30 miles separating these two giants of English football, there is a fierce rivalry in the local area.

Football betting fans will be familiar with both clubs. Each team has enjoyed dominant eras of success, with Liverpool dominating the 1970s and 80s while Man United were the best English club in the 1990s and 2000s.

Man United vs Liverpool Rivalry:

Nowadays, the pendulum has turned back towards Liverpool. The Manchester United vs Liverpool ‘biggest club’ debate is up in the air but nobody could dispute that the defending Premier League champions are the top English football club right now.

However, history tells us that there is little to choose between the two clubs. Man United vs Liverpool is always going to be one of the top rivalries in British football, whether both clubs are fighting for the Premier League title or not.

Liverpool v Man Utd - Revenue:

When it comes to commercial revenue, Manchester United are the gold standard. One of the richest football clubs in the world, the Red Devils have led the way in England for some time and that is unlikely to change in the near future.

According to figures obtained by Forbes, Man United are the third richest football club on the planet. The Old Trafford club had an estimated $795 million revenue stream, confirming their status as one of the top earning teams in football.

Meanwhile, Liverpool ranked seventh on the Forbes list. The Reds’ revenue figures for 2020 were $613 million – though Liverpool may climb the chart in 2021 after an excellent year on and off the pitch.

In terms of the Liverpool v Man Utd supporters argument, it is once again difficult to find exact figures. Liverpool are popular in North America while Man United command the share of Asian football fans.

Looking specifically at supporters in attendance, Old Trafford is the biggest Premier League stadium but there are atmosphere issues. Anfield is slightly smaller but the venue is arguably more intimate, particularly during memorable European nights.

Liverpool fans say they are the best. Man Utd fans say they are the best. That is part and parcel of being a football fan. Two of the most supported football clubs in the world, this rivalry is on par with the Old Firm and El Clasico.

Man Utd vs Liverpool - Players:

While the days of Steven Gerrard, Paul Scholes, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville are well and truly over, there are still elements of rivalry. Marcus Rashford is Manchester born and bred while Trent Alexander-Arnold has worked his way up through the Liverpool academy.

Nowadays, the modern football rivalry is cleaner but Man Utd vs Liverpool still carries plenty of bite. From the likes of Carragher and Neville, two of the best football pundits, bantering in the studio pre-match to frosty exchanges between the managers.

The Scholes vs Gerrard argument has raged on for years and we’ve now got a similar debate regarding current stars Bruno Fernandes and Mohamed Salah. Both men are crucial to their respective clubs and Liverpool vs Manchester United would be a weaker affair without these big name players.

Fernandes has developed a reputation for being a penalty merchant, though that is perhaps unfair. Five of Salah’s Premier League goals this season have been spot-kicks and punters will be expecting a penalty to be awarded in the next Man United v Liverpool game.

Manchester United v Liverpool

Plenty of football betting experts will be offering Premier League predictions on Liverpool vs Man Utd but separating these two great clubs is no easy feat. They are evenly matched in so many ways – and both are a real joy to watch.

Both teams have enjoyed success but both have also had to endure tragedy. The Munich Air Disaster of 1958 and the Hillsborough disaster in 1989 bring these two clubs close on a human level, not just a football level.

There is a mutual respect between the two clubs, with both clubs offering sympathy to one another on anniversary dates. Two of the best run clubs in world football, Man United vs Liverpool is fierce on the pitch but compassionate off it.

Man United vs Liverpool - Biggest Club:

It is difficult to measure the exact size of a football club. The Manchester United v Liverpool debate can be assessed by a number of factors, including but not limited to financial power, supporters, trophies won and average attendance.

In terms of major honours, the Liverpool Man Utd rivalry is very difficult to split. It depends on what you class as a ‘major’ trophy though most football fans would agree that the league title, FA Cup, European Cup and League Cup all rank in that bracket.

Liverpool vs Man United sees two of the most successful clubs in the world do battle – and it is always a thrilling spectacle. It isn’t a title defining clash but it is fantastic to see these great teams fighting it out at the top of the Premier League table.

Millions of football fans around the world will be tuning in for Man Utd vs Liverpool and let’s hope it lives up to the hype. With such a long history, regional proximity and jealousy from both sides, this truly is one of the great football rivalries.

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FIRST PUBLISHED: 12th January 2021

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