If you go back to the 1990s, you’d be hard pressed to find a UFC fan in your local area. But in recent years, the sport has flourished and it is now arguably the biggest sport in mixed martial arts.

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To outsiders, UFC appears brutal in a completely different way to other combat sports but that is not the case. In fact, conditioning and skill are arguably the two most important traits in UFC – bear that in mind when placing a bet on UFC.

Best UFC Betting Tips:

Don’t think of this guide as a basic introduction to UFC but more as a way of helping you to enhance your UFC betting experience. With a bit of luck, our best UFC betting tips could be both useful and profitable for punters.

With more UFC betting markets now widely available than ever before, it has never been a better time to get involved in mixed martial arts betting. So without further ado, it is time to get down to business with our top UFC tips.

Guide To UFC Rules

Okay so first and foremost, you are probably wondering – what does UFC stand for? Well, it stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship and the sport developed from the popularity of cage fighting.

With a strong emphasis placed on building promotional events around high-profile matches, fighters tend to defend their titles on a regular basis; UFC is arguably the most physically demanding combat sport.

With the exception of certain foul play rules, anything goes in UFC. Some fighters prefer to adopt a boxing style while others enjoy grappling. Meanwhile, many fighters are proficient in karate and you’ll rarely find an elite competitor that is comfortable with every style.

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As is the case with other combat sports, there are a list of prohibited manoeuvres. With the likes of eye gouging, biting, spitting and attacking the groin on the list, most of the illegal moves will see a fighter suspended in the aftermath of the event.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that UFC is a man’s sport – there are a number of well-known female athletes involved in mixed martial arts. As is the case in women’s boxing, UFC betting tips will usually be available for the biggest female bouts.

If you’re reading this guide, you will probably know that UFC number their events. Not only is this useful for MMA fans for tracking purposes but it also helps clearly label UFC betting tips as some fighters often have more than one fight lined up.

In a standard UFC match, fighters compete over a set number of rounds, usually three but sometimes five in a major championship bout. Unlike boxing where they compete in a ring, UFC matches take place in an eight-sided cage known as an Octagon.

Betting On UFC

Once you are familiar with the rules of UFC, it is time put your knowledge to the test. You should be able to find the latest UFC betting tips and markets ahead of upcoming events with most bookmakers.

Remember to always research thoroughly when betting on UFC – the MMA landscape is ever-changing and a lot can change in a short space of time.

Follow UFC betting tips and odds ahead of major bouts, especially if there is any injury news or gossip.

UFC Match Betting Tips

The perfect market for newbies to UFC betting tips – this is the easiest way to bet on UFC events.

Essentially, you are betting on which fighter you think will win a bout. There are no draws in UFC so simply select fighter 1 or fighter 2 and place your bet.

Most bookmakers will have an extensive list of upcoming fights at UFC events. If you want to bet on multiple fighters to win their respective bouts, you can back them as singles or as a multiple. UFC betting has never been easier!

In-Play Betting On UFC

Meanwhile, many bookmakers will allow you to access in-play UFC betting odds during an ongoing bout.

Live betting is a fantastic way to chance your UFC betting experience while a fight is taking place – with odds fluctuating quickly depending on how the bout is going.

If one fighter is in complete control, the odds are likely to shorten considerably but UFC is unpredictable at the best of times and in-play betting tips can change very quickly indeed.

Timing is key to success when betting in-play on UFC; there is certainly money to be made if you time your bet to perfection.

UFC Victory Method Betting Tips

A popular betting option ahead of big UFC fights – punters may wish to increase their odds by selecting the method of victory. If you fancy a particular fighter to win a bout but the price is too short, simply look at the win method UFC betting market.

In addition, some fighters will usually adopt a certain style and you can predict how most fighters will win.

Grapplers are likely to try and force their opponent to surrender while fighters who prefer to use their boxing skills may go for the knockout.

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However, there are multiple ways a fighter can win a UFC match – here are the most popular methods of victory:

  • Knockout
  • Submission
  • TKO
  • Judge Decision
  • Surrender
  • Disqualification
  • No Contest

Furthermore, the Judge Decision is a controversial result – largely as it depends purely on the perception of the judges.

There are a number of ways to score points in UFC and even the most knowledge UFC betting tips expert might miss key moments during a fight.

If you are struggling to split the two fighters and believe that the bout will go the distance, then back the fight to reach the allotted number of rounds.

Some fighters will try to make bouts as cagey as possible in order to try and sway the judge into siding with them.

UFC Betting With 888sport

More often than not, UFC fighters are scheduled for the weekend.  The biggest bouts will always take place on a Saturday night in order to appeal to fans from all over the world – a UFC event is one of the best spectacles in sport.

The United States of America tends to host most of the biggest UFC bouts but many UFC specials take place in Europe and Asia so punters should follow the latest UFC betting tips ahead of those bouts.

If you are a mixed martial arts fan on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, you might have to set an early morning alarm to make sure you don’t miss the biggest UFC betting fights. Bouts are frequently scheduled for as early as 5am GMT.

Despite that, punters can still get their UFC betting tips fix on the biggest bouts. Here at 888sport, you can find expert UFC tips and betting guides on combat sports – with helpful betting previews and advice on the biggest UFC betting events!

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